LG Chem has established an emergency response committee in connection with gas leak accidents in the Indian plant, and is making full efforts to rectify the accidents.

It is known that Corona 19 is not free to move in and out of the country, but as the matter is so serious, it is known that employees such as Vice Chairman Shin Hak-cheol are planning to go to India.

According to the industry and LG Chem, the company has been operating an emergency response committee centered on the new vice chairman, CEO, since the gas leak accident at the LG Polymers India plant on the 7th.

The head office and local subsidiaries share information on accident status and countermeasures from time to time.

It is known that the LG Group is also working closely with LG Chem to keep an eye on the situation.

LG Polymers India issued an entry the day before and promised to actively support surviving families and victims and thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident.

According to local media in India, a styrene gas leak accident at the LG Polymers India plant killed 12 people in the vicinity, and thousands of people were treated for health problems.

It has been reported that the majority of patients undergoing treatment are regaining stability and the loss of life is gradually fading.

However, the management of LG Polymers was accused of neglecting toxic substance management and negligence, and was ordered to deposit 500 million rupees (about 8.1 billion won) from the Indian Environmental Court.

The Environmental Court is a kind of special court that evaluates the impact of industrial projects on the environment and monitors companies for compliance with environmental regulations. It can judge the materiality of the matter and judge it on its own.

The possibility of litigation by victims and environmental groups is also high, so LG Chem is expected to face a long-term civil and criminal trial regarding the cause of the accident and the negligence, in addition to supporting the victims.