Two departments in China: support the construction of intellectual property operation service system

  China News Agency, Beijing, May 7 (Reporter Zhao Jianhua) In 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the State Intellectual Property Office will continue to select a number of key cities throughout the country to support the construction of an intellectual property operation service system. The central government supports 150 million yuan (RMB, the same below) for each city, of which 100 million yuan will be allocated in 2020, and the remaining funds will be allocated in stages according to the results of the mid-term performance evaluation.

  The two departments hope that after three years, a standardized and market-oriented intellectual property operation service system will be established in key cities, a system of norms for the promotion of the use of intellectual property rights will be established to promote the full realization of the intellectual property market value, and support the high-quality development of the regional economy . The key cities combined with their own reality, based on the following indicators, reasonably calculate and set quantitative indicators.

  ——The average annual increase of the number of intellectual property transfers and licenses is more than 20%; the average annual increase of the amount of intellectual property pledge financing and the number of projects is more than 30%; the average annual increase of the turnover of patented technology contracts is more than 40%; support for the successful transformation of more than 100 SMEs Patent technology in colleges and universities; promote the issuance of more than one single intellectual property securitization product, and promote the financing of high-value patent portfolios.

  ——The added value of patent-intensive industries and the implementation of geographical indications to promote the use of engineering projects to significantly increase the output value of geographical indication products; the implementation of more than 5 industrial patent navigation demonstration projects; to create a number of distinctive regional trademark brands with strong competitiveness and good market reputation .

  ——More than 200 enterprises, colleges, universities and research institutes with strong innovation ability and good intellectual property foundation have passed the standardization certification of intellectual property management standards; supported the construction of national intellectual property pilot demonstration universities; professional intellectual property trusteeship services have covered small and medium-sized enterprises There are more than 1,000 enterprises; the market main body's trademark layout and brand cultivation level have been significantly improved.

  ——Build a high-level intellectual property service industry cluster, build a regional intellectual property operation service platform, cultivate more than three industrial intellectual property operation centers, and support a group of professional, market-oriented and complex intellectual property service institutions; The supervision of the intellectual property service industry has been comprehensively strengthened, and the capacity of intellectual property service areas and industrial development has been significantly improved. (Finish)