The UAE was ranked between the first and tenth places globally, among 71 indicators of competitiveness during 2019, in a move that reflected the rich outcome of the achievements made by the country in its endeavor to reach the first position in all indicators, within the map of international competition monitored by specialized international institutions, including the annual report Competitiveness for the year 2019, reported by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority.

The Federal Government is working to implement a package of competitive policies and procedures, in order to enable the UAE to build strategies for development and economic transformation, by taking advantage of the state’s competitive advantages, and by establishing a system that works to develop human resources, capital and natural resources, and exploit them with high efficiency, by By harnessing the competitiveness of the economy to enhance productivity in all sectors.

According to a report issued yesterday, the indicators in which the UAE achieved these advanced positions during the past year covered all sectors, including the economy, tourism, communications, technology, trade, national accounts, investment, finance, health, population, education, employment, gender balance and society, the environment, energy and water.

The country ranked first in five indicators, which included the enrollment index in higher education abroad, the primary completion rate index, the literacy rate index, the primary education enrollment index, and the international students index, while it ranked third in the knowledge transfer index, and the fourth in the index Duration of training in the profession, and the fifth position in the index of higher education students moving to the country.

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