client Beijing, May 7 (Reporter Wu Tao) The second Shuangpin Online Shopping Festival is in progress from April 28 to May 10, this event is organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Post Bureau and Chinese consumers Associations are organized together.

  The reporter learned from the multi-home appliance platform that this online shopping festival not only has great subsidies, high sales data, but also great significance, and urges consumers and enterprises to resume production. Some experts said that on May 1st holiday, the dual-product online shopping festival will be superimposed, and the compensatory consumption will appear.

The multi-e-commerce platform pushes the dual-product online shopping festival. Screenshot

E-commerce enthusiastic participation, users enjoy tens of billions of subsidies

  According to the Ministry of Commerce and other departments, this online shopping festival is huge in scale, involving more than 700 consumer goods manufacturing companies in more than 20 industries and nearly 1,000 brands participating in the event.

  The reporter learned from the e-commerce platform that Alibaba's top ten businesses joined together, with 100,000 brands, 10 million products and tens of billions of subsidies issued, and the number of participating brands has tripled last year. During the period, Tmall Double Product Festival, Taobao Special Edition Factory Direct Purchase Festival, Tmall 51 Carnival, Ju Bargain 55 Big Promotion, Tmall 510 New National Goods Awards, etc. will also be launched.

  From the sales point of view, it is 55 big promotions, and the transaction volume exceeded 100 million in 37 seconds, and the turnover in one hour exceeded that of last year. The total turnover of 106 brands on the first day exceeded 10 million. said that during the Shuangpin Online Shopping Festival, launched multiple Shuangpin Festival venues and invested more than 1 billion yuan in marketing and promotional resources. In terms of sales, on May 1st, the turnover of JD Appliances doubled the same day last year; on May 5 the day of "Super 5", the turnover of JD Appliances tripled on the same day last year.

  Pinduoduo announced that during the event, massive explosions of goods will enjoy 10 billion subsidies and benefits, and users can also really buy concessions through large subsidies.

  Multi-point Dmall teamed up with many supermarkets such as Wumart, New Bailianchao, and Yili, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé and other brands to select high-quality goods and services and hold 3 large-scale promotional activities in a row. On the first day of the event, the multi-point platform promoted goods with an average profit of 15%, and the transaction volume on that day increased by about 32.2% compared with the normal day.

  In addition to online, offline activities are also active. Word of mouth, hungry, launched more than 1,000 live broadcasts for the Shanghai 55 shopping festival, and provided 30 million copies of 15% off meal cards for Shanghai residents. With hunger, you can also order Michelin restaurant chefs and surprise takeaways to your door .

  Xiaomi's May 1st Promotion held the "Hundreds of Stores Open, Thousands of Stores Celebrate" event, which opened up the whole category, launched a full gift, Xiaomi 10 series trade-in, TV buy big and small, more than 300 products directly drop, 15% off on smart suits and other activities.

  Data released by WeChat shows that during May 1st, the total offline consumption of WeChat Pay increased by 30% compared with March, and has now recovered and exceeded the consumption level of December last year. WeChat e-vouchers are also blooming across the country, with a 3-day holiday driving consumption of 900 million yuan.

E-commerce pushes C2M. Image source: Alibaba

Highlights of C2M and Agricultural Products Consumption in Double-Product Online Shopping Festival

  According to the Ministry of Commerce and other departments, one feature of this event is to highlight quality brand consumption. Relying on advanced technologies such as e-commerce big data, product categories are optimized, quality brands are highlighted, cost-effectiveness is considered, and consumers can rest assured to shop and get real benefits.

  The reporter noticed that, under this background, in this dual-product online shopping festival, multiple home appliance business platforms aimed at C2M (reverse customization). For example, Taobao Special Price Factory Direct Purchase Festival brings C2M customization to meet the cost-effectiveness needs of consumers, and at the same time promote the digital upgrade of manufacturing companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency. said that the platform has a huge active user group of more than 300 million. It provides accurate insights into the user's personalized needs through over 100 million consumer behavior data and massive amounts of big data. It is driving more and more brands to produce personalities that can better meet user needs. New products of chemistry and niche. For example, the game phones created by and mobile phone manufacturers have received enthusiastic market response.

  Xing Yue, vice president of public affairs department of Alibaba Group, said that cultivating small and beautiful cutting-edge brands, and linking upstream manufacturers to realize customized and flexible production, set off a wave of new domestic products and was loved by young people.

  In addition, the consumption of agricultural products is also a focus of this dual-product online shopping festival. Some netizens said, "OMG, even Li Jiaqi has started to promote agricultural products."

  According to data provided by, with the momentum of the May 1 holiday and the growth of online consumption, the sales volume of online poverty alleviation specialty museums in various places increased by 135% year-on-year, and the search terms for "origin + agricultural products" of users increased significantly. Hubei crayfish, Lipu taro, Wenxian yam, Yanchi Tan sheep and other star agricultural products are all recognized by consumers by using their origin as a brand.

  Yang Dong, a researcher at the National Development and Strategy Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said that by integrating various resources to organize a large-scale online shopping festival, it can provide more platforms and channels for more high-quality products to display sales, helping the majority of enterprises and farmers to overcome the impact of the epidemic.

Data map: residents go out shopping. China News Agency reporter Zhang Langshe

Is compensatory consumption coming?

  This online shopping festival has other meanings besides promoting consumption. Chen Lifen, Director of the Service Industry Division of the Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce, said that with the resumption of production and resumption of production and the promotion of consumption policies in various places, consumer confidence has gradually recovered, and the consumer market is rebounding. period.

  JD believes that from the perspective of big data analysis, the consumer demand that has been suppressed for a long time by the epidemic has blown out in this May Day holiday, and sales of JD supermarkets and JD home appliances have ushered in explosive growth and retaliatory consumption.

  "As the epidemic cools, dinner and drinking are essential. During May 1st, the sales of various types of liquor increased sharply. The otter festival increased by 6.6 times or became a dark horse during the same period. The express delivery can enter the community, and the appliance installers can come to the door. The turnover of large household appliances and household appliances has more than doubled month-on-month, and the turnover of home appliance services has more than doubled month-on-month. "

  Some industries are expected to usher in compensatory consumption. Northeast Securities recently issued a research report that with the effective control of the epidemic, banquets in the liquor industry and wedding compensatory consumption will gradually appear, and some regions are expected to usher in a small peak in consumption on May Day and Dragon Boat Festival. (Finish)