“As for the forecasts, this year we are expecting about $ 30 per barrel (on average for the year, taking into account rather high prices in the first quarter), in the next - a little more,” the Minister of Finance said in response to a question about the basic forecast for the price of oil.

At the same time, Siluanov said that Russia is prepared and “will live” even at an oil price of $ 10 per barrel.

“Now oil is no longer being paid attention to, because we have created the necessary financial buffers and even survive at a price of $ 10. This is a past war, and we are prepared for it, ”he stressed.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy of Russia also said that the price of oil in 2020 will be on average slightly above $ 30 per barrel.

Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that the Russian economy will be able to exist in conditions of extremely low oil prices.

Rustam Tankaev, a member of the Committee on Energy Strategy and Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave a forecast on the situation in the oil market in an interview with NSN.