Fuyang, Anhui:
  "Four Major Actions" Consolidate the Foundation for Increasing Income
   Reporter Bai Hexing Correspondent Zhu He

  "It's not too tiring to work, and I can earn 60 to 70 yuan a day." On April 21, Wang Guang'e cut, washed, and bundled the asparagus just picked from the greenhouse in the courtyard of Anhui Qilin Asparagus Co., Ltd. Wang Guang'e, who was a poor householder in Yutang Village, Yingshang County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, now works on an asparagus base at his doorstep. His monthly income is more than 1,000 yuan, and he can also obtain a stable land circulation rent of more than 3,000 yuan per year.

  "Let the poverty alleviation people continue to increase their incomes in order to stably achieve poverty alleviation and achieve poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation." Liu Yujie, deputy secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Committee, told reporters that in order to cope with the problems of poor labor and agricultural product sales caused by the epidemic, Fuyang launched the implementation The “four major income-increasing actions” to tackle poverty alleviation, focusing on employment assistance for poor labor, industrialization of leading enterprises and industries in poverty-stricken agriculture and poverty alleviation workshops, poverty alleviation projects in agricultural characteristic industries, poverty-stricken households, and sales assistance for agricultural products of poverty-stricken agricultural operators So that the people out of poverty can continue to increase their income steadily.

  The “employment guide” compiled and printed at the two levels of Fuyang city and county is delivered to the households, through the “send you to work” to go out for employment, to promote local enterprises to hire local jobs, to support leading enterprises in poverty-stricken agricultural industrialization and poverty alleviation workshops Expansion of production capacity, increase of jobs, employment of public welfare posts such as the development of epidemic prevention and killing, etc. Flexible employment, accurately recommend employment. As of the end of March, the city ’s 366,500 poor laborers with demand for work have achieved employment.

  In the in-depth development of the leading agricultural industrialization enterprises and the poverty alleviation workshops for the restoration of production and poverty reduction, Fuyang City has formulated and implemented various preferential policies for poverty alleviation awards, tax reductions, and loan discounts to help solve epidemic prevention materials and products Problems such as sales and shortage of funds have promoted the resumption of production and production of 194 enterprises and 262 poverty alleviation workshops in late March.

  In Fuyang City, the poverty alleviation projects for agricultural industries implemented during the epidemic prevention and control period will be increased by 20% on the basis of the original awards and supplements, and the progress of project approval, demonstration and bidding will be accelerated. As of the end of March, 44,000 home-to-home projects and 423 village-to-home projects have been implemented. By organizing the docking of agricultural supermarkets and promoting “local distribution, overseas sales, online promotion”, etc., Fuyang City carried out in-depth agricultural product sales to help increase income, break through sales barriers, and solve the problems of “pig pressure fence, poultry pressure shed, fish pressure pond, "Sales of vegetables" and other issues related to the sale of poor agricultural products. As of the end of March, the city's main agricultural products with poverty-stricken agricultural operations had 14.8427 million kg of farming products, 1.865 million heads of breeding products (heads), and 613,600 kg of unsaleable fruits and vegetables of poor households, and 120,500 heads of livestock products were effective Dissolve.

  Liu Weishen, a poor household who lives in Gangnan Village, Maji Township, Taihe County, has applied for a 50,000 yuan financial poverty alleviation loan to develop goat farming with the help of the government. The current stock is nearly 100. According to the policy, Liu Weishen will also receive an industry of 4,000 yuan. Prize fund. "The financial and technical assistance is in place, the cadre services are good, the sheep are being raised more and more, and the future will definitely be more and more prosperous." Liu Weishen from "poor households" to "professional households" became very prosperous.

  In order to allow poor households to increase their income steadily, the Fuyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have also formulated “20 measures” and “35 policies” to provide special funds to support county and urban areas in the implementation of poverty-stricken laborers ’employment, resumption of production, and agricultural characteristic industry projects. , Sales of unsalable agricultural products. At the same time, the poverty alleviation projects and the basic livelihood security of the poor will be taken as the focus of fund use, and the progress of the special fiscal poverty alleviation funds will be accelerated to optimize the allocation and use of funds. By the end of March, RMB 2.756 billion of special poverty alleviation funds had been allocated to various levels of finance.

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