China News Service Huangshan, May 3 (Liu Hao, Ge Xufang, and Hou Yan) On the third day of the "May Day" holiday, Anhui Huangshan Scenic Area coordinated the prevention and control of epidemic situation and tourism reception, and took real-name appointments in advance and fully purchased tickets online , Reasonable dredging of passenger flow and other measures to achieve the goal of popularity, non-aggregation, safety and order. As of 16:00 on the 3rd, the scenic area received a total of 9,859 tourists.

  In the Yuping Scenic Area in the front of Huangshan Mountain, overlooking the clear blue sky, the mountains are undulating and the cliffs are rugged. A closer look shows that the trees are covered with fresh green clothes. Some of the Rhododendron flowers in Anhui Province have been in full bloom, and some have buds waiting to be released. Tourists from inside and outside the province keep a distance, orderly ride the ropeway, mountaineering, and enjoy sightseeing. Spring's welcoming pine appeared more green and upright, and many tourists took pictures in front of the welcoming pine.

  At 5 o'clock this morning, a total of more than 40 staff members from the comprehensive governance, public security, fire prevention, health, box office, ropeway and other departments of the Yungu Temple area have arrived at the post to remind and persuade tourists in key areas such as the ropeway stop and walking mountaineering entrance. Wear a mask, keep a distance, do not get together, do not gather; and continue to play the tour notes through electronic display screens and radio.

  The transfer center of the scenic spot carries out capacity scheduling according to the passenger flow into the park, adopts time-sharing release, section control, and batch entrance measures to maximize the dispersion of mountain passenger flow.

  There are 10 party and group volunteer service points in the Huangshan Scenic Area, which provide tourists with warm services such as free boiling water, masks and route guides, and scenic spot introductions to help tourists solve their problems.

  Yang Xiaorui, a tourist from Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, said happily with his children that today the weather is particularly good and the scenery is beautiful. I have wanted to come to Huangshan since I was a child, but I came here this time. Taking advantage of the opportunity of "May Day", the children were brought over to play, and the ropeway was particularly exciting. When I came to Huangshan, I felt very safe and reassured. Every level in the scenic spot was done better and the management was stricter. Because the tickets were ordered on the APP in advance, it is very smooth to enter the scenic spot. (Finish)