Retail outlets officials said that the strategic stock of basic food and consumer goods in the outlet warehouses ranges between three months and more than six months, with the support of plans to expand supply contracts in the recent period.

They pointed out to «Emirates Today» that the current conditions in the face of the spread of the Corona virus stimulated a large number of outlets to increase the inventory in their warehouses in a way that meets the growth of consumer demand for long periods, indicating that they are implementing daily supply plans for the warehouses with support from the flow of supply at last from different countries.

Procurement operations In
detail, the director of the Corporate Communications Department at the Lulu Commercial Centers Group, Nanda Kumar, said that “the expansion of supply operations by outlets during the recent period has raised the sufficiency of the strategic stock of basic food and consumer goods in its warehouses”, noting that “ The stock of commodities in the group’s warehouses is currently sufficient for a period exceeding six months, with the support of the flow of supply operations finally, and providing the warehouses on a daily basis with additional new goods.
He explained that «the group, besides its dependence on contracts with supply companies in various sectors of food commodities, relies on private cargo planes to use them in the import and shipping of basic food commodities such as meat and other goods that are supplied from different countries, most notably India».

The strategic reserve,
in turn, said the official spokesman for the centers of the "markets" group, Abdul Hamid Al-Khashabi, that "the flow of supply operations during the recent period, supported from the strategic stock of basic food and consumer goods in the stores of the group, which is currently sufficient for about three months", pointing out that « The warehouse is provided daily with additional new food and consumer goods, in a way that supports the strength of the stock and its adequacy for long periods.

Expansion plans
For his part, CEO of the "Union Cooperative", Khalid Hamid bin Dhiban Al-Falasi, said that "the expansion plans for imports that were implemented by (the cooperative) recently, in light of the current conditions to confront the spread of the new Corona virus, and face the growth of consumer demand during the month of Ramadan, It enabled the stock of commodities to be supported in Tawuniya warehouses, as it is currently sufficient for periods of between four and six months.
He added that «with the expansion plans in the supply that the (cooperative) department worked on and included importing of various food commodities from more than 50 countries in a manner that provides diversification and several alternatives for goods and enhances the flow of supply, it is expected that the strategic stock of goods in the cooperative’s warehouses will increase during the next two months to enough For periods exceeding six months, especially with additional daily deliveries of goods to warehouses at a value of more than five million dirhams.

Food commodities
In the same context, the general manager of the Emirates Cooperative Society, Mohammed Youssef Al Khaja, said, “The smoothness of supply has supported the stock of basic food and consumer goods in warehouses that are sufficient for periods of up to six months, which supports the availability of goods in large quantities in outlets, whether during Ramadan. Or until the following periods. ”
In turn, the General Manager of the Ajman Cooperative Markets Association, Sami Muhammad Shaaban, considered that “the current circumstances have stimulated a large number of outlets to hedge and expand the supply contracts, which in turn has boosted the inventory of goods in warehouses for periods that are sufficient for three to six months, which is what Maintains price stability and availability of products at outlets.
explained the Director of supply and promotion of goods in «cooperative Sharjah», Rashid Bin Huwaidin, said that «cooperative management has plans keen through which to maintain stocks of basic food commodities Bmistodatha enough for periods exceeding three months in addition to support operations and supply daily warehouses to maintain abundant stocks Goods ».

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