Acceptance of "sustained benefit" starts today As early as 8 days payment Corona May 1 5:44

Applications for the "sustaining benefit", which provides up to 2 million yen to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, will start from the first day. At the earliest, payment is expected to start on the 8th of this month after the holidays.

Sustainable benefits are targeted at businesses whose sales in any month from January to December have decreased by 50% or more from the same month last year. SMEs, etc. up to 2 million yen, freelance Up to 1 million yen will be paid to individual business owners including.

Application is required to receive payment, and as a general rule, it will be done from the dedicated homepage that is opened in the morning of the day.

To apply, it is necessary to attach ▽ last year's tax return documents, ▽ a copy of documents showing the decrease in monthly sales such as the sales ledger, ▽ and a copy of the bank account of the transfer account.

In addition, if you are a sole proprietor, you need a copy of the document that proves your identity, such as a driver's license or my number card, but this is also acceptable for images taken with a smartphone.

Normally, it takes about two weeks from application to transfer of benefits, but the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry estimates that if it is applied on one day, the earliest will be paid on the 8th of the long holiday break.

In addition, for business operators who are not accustomed to online applications, we will set up a contact point to support applications by reservation at various chambers of commerce and other places.