The shops and the hospitality industry will be able to start their activity very gradually from May 4 , as announced today by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in his appearance to present the plan to de-escalate the activity.

This plan will have four phases and each will last two weeks. Starting on May 4, phase 0 begins , which is when bars and restaurants will be able to open but only to provide a take-away food service. It cannot be consumed in the premises.

Until now, delivery , that is, home delivery or through platforms such as Glovo or Deliveroo, was allowed, but you could not go to the restaurant to collect the food. From day 4 it will be possible, but not consumed inside the establishment.

Regarding trade, in phase 0 (from May 4) they will be able to open small premises (not shopping centers or department stores) but by appointment . There will also be a preferential schedule for people over 65 years of age.

This mainly affects local commerce. That is, the client will request an appointment to go to the florist or the hardware store, for example, where they will prepare the order so that they can pick it up at a certain time.

Phase 1: terraces

Two weeks later, towards the middle of May, if the data accompanies, phase 1 would be entered. Here, the opening of terraces would be allowed with an occupancy limitation of 30%. I do not know will be able to consume within the premises.

This will only be "in the provinces that meet the Health requirements," said the president. In other words, depending on how the pandemic evolves, there will be provinces that are in one phase or another. "Before we used to like to eat a paella in a restaurant, now what we have to do is ask the cook to cook the paella for us and take it home," he illustrated.

Already in phase 2, in June, the opening of restaurants and bars will be allowed but only with table service, not a bar, and as long as there are separation measures. There will also be a 30% occupancy limitation. A restaurant with a terrace, for example, will be able to open the table service on the street, and indoors as well, but with this capacity limitation.

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