The National Tax Service has launched a special tax investigation on the Shincheonji Jesus Bridge Evidence Barrier Shrine (hereafter Shincheonji).

According to the religious community on the 28th, the National Tax Service's investigative staff obtained the necessary data for the tax investigation at the main Shinchonji Church nationwide this morning.

The religious community estimates that this tax investigation is to look into whether President Lee Man-hee's Shincheonji President Lee embezzled the church's consecration and the slush fund in the church construction process.

It is also considered as a potential investigation whether the assets donated from members are used for the religious purposes (religious activities).

If the donated assets were used for a purpose other than its own purpose, it may be a gift tax portal.

However, an official from the National Tax Service said, "We cannot confirm the facts of individual tax investigations."

Currently, Shincheonji is also under investigation by police and prosecutors for allegedly interfering with quarantine during the spread of Corona 19.

According to the YouTube account 'Apocalypse Office', Sincheonji operates over 1,300 churches nationwide, including 72 churches, 100 Zion Christian Mission Centers, 103 offices, and 1,48 other facilities. .