For our economic columnist Axel de Tarlé, the announcements of the deconfinement plan have a "black point, transport". He judges that the Prime Minister's measures in this area will lead to "inefficient and unprofitable" public transport.


>> They are a "key device for economic recovery". When announcing his deconfinement plan, Édouard Philippe stressed the importance of a return to normal for public transport for commuting, while stressing the importance to comply with sanitary measures. But for our editorialist Axel de Tarlé, transport is above all the "black spot" of the Prime Minister's strategy.

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"Inefficient and unprofitable public transport"

"The Prime Minister was very clear in giving sequenced dates, giving hands to business leaders, but I found a weak bridge: the transport offer, with in particular this idea of ​​one seat in two convicted For those who take the RER, especially line A which carries a million passengers every day, the largest in Europe, how do you send people back to work if they can't get on it? if there is only one place in two available, it is not profitable! They are therefore inefficient and unprofitable public transport. "

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"The big brake on the recovery?"

"I know that the transport actors militated rather for the wearing of the compulsory mask, and said that it would be very difficult to make respect the distance from the one meter, but finally there it was hygiene above all. I wonder if this is not going to be the big brake on the recovery. The Prime Minister also said that telework must be done as much as possible, that arrivals at work must be delayed ... But as a regional president, Hervé said Morin it seems to me, we are not in the USSR: we cannot telephone Danone, Thalès and Carrefour telling them 'you start at such a time' ".