China, April 28, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website released the news of the Department of Raw Materials Industry on the 27th. Affected by the new overseas pneumonia epidemic, many steel companies in Europe, the United States and other places have shut down. The biggest drop.

  According to data released by the World Steel Association, global crude steel production in the first quarter was 442 million tons, down 1.3% year-on-year; global crude steel production outside China was 209 million tons, down 4.29% year-on-year. In March, global crude steel production was 147 million tons, down 6.4% year-on-year. Global crude steel production outside China was 68.08 million tons, down 11.89% year-on-year, the largest decline since 2009.

  In terms of regions, in the first quarter, crude steel production in Asia, the European Union, and North America were 315 million tons, 38.3 million tons, and 29.5 million tons, down 0.3%, 10.0%, and 4.0% year-on-year. By country, the top ten steel-producing countries produced 376 million tons of crude steel in the first quarter (accounting for 85.07% of the world), and 126 million tons of crude steel in March (accounting for 85.71% of the world). Eight of the top ten countries in crude steel production declined, among which India, Japan, and Germany all fell by more than 10%, down 16.09%, 10.78%, and 26.44% year-on-year; only Turkey and Iran had crude steel. The production volume increased by 3.98% and 12.33% year-on-year respectively.