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National Tax Service has entered a special tax investigation on the Sincheonji Jesus Bridge. President Lee Man-hee seems to be focusing on the allegations that he has taken the donation to make a personal slush fund and has not paid taxes properly.

I'm Jeong Seong-jin.


Shincheonji Church's main tax evasion charge was whether President Lee Man-hee raised a personal slush fund.

Through the internal documents of Sincheonji secured by SBS, suspicions were raised that allocated and kicked in billions of won of donations for each tribe in the name of Shincheonji building a large temple in Gwacheon.

It is estimated that the donations collected in the past 20 years alone will reach hundreds of billions of won.

[Kim Jong-cheol / Former Shincheonji General Manager: You have to pay a rent. This is a word. 4 trillion, 1 billion, and 10 billion won per tribe (the General Assembly), but this money is (I do not know where the whereabouts.) The

construction of the temple was only a cause, and the donation flowed into President Lee Man-hee's personal slush fund. The testimony was also released.

[Mr. A of the public interest from Shincheonji (screen band): You said that I managed about 200 billion won. In cash. It is managed as a car name account, and he (Manhee Lee) splits the car name account in the name of other aides.] The

Seoul Regional Revenue Service's four investigations invested 200 employees and secured the documents from Shincheonji Church and affiliated organizations scattered across the country. It also seems to confirm the path to the slush fund.

The National Tax Service is also expected to investigate the allegations that Shincheonji issued false donation receipts for the donations received from the believers.

Shin Cheon-ji said that the individual President Lee Man-hee did not take a single yuan, and that the tax sector is stronger than any church, and the tax investigation will reveal the truth.

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