Because of confinement, the unemployment rate is experiencing a historic increase in France. However, many companies continue to recruit. Both founders of recruitment assistance systems, Nicolas Brien and Matthieu Penet gave their advice Monday on Europe 1 to find a job in full confinement. 

Unemployment figures may have experienced a historic rise in March, but containment offers employment opportunities. Some companies are still recruiting while the country is at a standstill, in particular in the health, social work, personal assistance, food industry and even agriculture sectors. To find their way, solutions were implemented during confinement. Platforms that link businesses and job seekers have for example emerged, such as that imagined by Matthieu Penet and Nicolas Brien. Monday in La France bouge, on Europe 1, they presented their recruitment assistance programs. 

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"Recrutements Covid-19", to look for a job and to question its values

Called "Covid-19 Recruitments", the first platform platform was imagined by Yaggo and Bloomin, two start-ups specializing in human resources. The goal: to draw up an inventory of recruitments in France during the coronavirus crisis.

"We have created a collaborative platform that lists all the companies that recruit on fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts or even interns," explains Matthieu Penet, founder of Yaggo. "It is a question of allowing the candidates to reflect on the company and the sector for which they would like to work". The objective is thus to help candidates to be "more in tune with their values ​​and what they expect from a company". Matthieu Penet specifies that the platform is in "free access" and based on "volunteering for companies". 

"Confined but recruited", when confinement boosts start-ups ...

Another initiative that saw the light of day during confinement: the operation "Confined but recruited". Created by the France Digitale federation and the start-up HireSweet, this platform lists the start-ups that recruit and connects their employers with candidates. According to Nicolas Brien, director of France Digitale, "300 start-ups continue to recruit during this episode of confinement." According to him, contrary to popular belief, this is the right time to apply. 

"In the first quarter of 2020, start-ups became the first net creators of CDI in the country. They recruit 94% on CDI. This is a trend that the Covid-19 is not ready to stop", he says. 

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How to explain this phenomenon ? Because according to Nicolas Brien, confinement offers an "incredible moment of digital acceleration". "We have seen the number of teleworkers be multiplied by ten, a certain number of neighborhood businesses switch to the net, venerable institutions like the Quai d'Orsay start to telework. It opens up prospects and creates jobs", he rejoices. 

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