Sino-Singapore Jingwei client, April 27-On April 27, in response to the news that Ruixing Coffee was taken over by the public security, industry and commerce department and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Ruixing Coffee responded that the company is currently actively cooperating with the market supervision department on Ruixing Coffee Understanding of business related work. The company and stores nationwide operate normally.

Screenshot source: Ruixing Coffee official Weibo

  Earlier today (27th), there were reports that the CSRC had sent an investigation team to the Ruixing Coffee, which was deeply involved in the financial fraud scandal. The public security, industry and commerce departments took over, and all senior executives were investigated and relevant information was uploaded. cross.

  According to the Beijing News, the registration office of Ruixing Coffee Beijing Headquarters showed that many auditors had entered, but there is no obvious abnormality within the company. Some employees said that the company can work normally.

  According to a daily economic news report, after field visits, many Ruixing coffee stores in Beijing are still operating normally.

  Earlier, the China Securities Regulatory Commission strongly condemned the financial fraud of Ruixing Coffee, saying that no matter where it is listed, the listed company should strictly abide by the laws and rules of the relevant market and fulfill its information disclosure obligations in a true, accurate and complete manner.

  It is understood that the revised "Securities Law of the People's Republic of China", which came into effect on March 1, 2020, gives the SFC "long arm jurisdiction": securities issuance and trading activities outside the People's Republic of China, disrupting the People's Republic of China If the domestic market order harms the legitimate rights and interests of domestic investors, it shall be dealt with and investigated for legal liabilities in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Law. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei app)