China News Service, April 26th, 23rd, Pinduoduo's first "production and broadcast base" landed in Quanzhou. A total of 6 city and county heads in Quanzhou City and the counties and cities under their jurisdiction and local outstanding enterprises participating in online fairs organized a group to promote the Quanzhou brand to 585 million consumers on the platform.

  According to reports, as of 16:00 on April 24, Quanzhou Online Commodity Fair has received a total of 673 million exposures, and a total of 81 million consumers have watched and placed orders in live broadcast rooms in various industries. The turnover of Quanzhou merchants on the whole platform exceeded 1.548 billion yuan, of which the sales from five counties and cities of Jinjiang, Shishi, Nan'an, Dehua and Anxi exceeded 1.028 billion yuan.

  Xiao Hanhui, Deputy Mayor of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, Zhang Xiaohong, Member of the Standing Committee of Nan'an Municipal Committee, Huang Chunhui, Mayor of Shishi Municipal People's Government, Huang Wenjie, Mayor of Dehua County People's Government, Wu Yuzhou, Acting Mayor of Anxi County People's Government, and Zhang Wenxian, Mayor of Jinjiang City People's Government A lot of industries with live broadcast rooms, including clothing, furniture, electrical appliances and other various Quanzhou brands started broadcasting at the same time.

Xiao Hanhui, deputy mayor of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, came to the industrial zone live broadcast room and recommended Quanzhou good goods to 585 million consumers on the platform. At the same time, a new e-commerce live broadcast fever that swept Quanzhou began.

  The "Fighting Fair" is part of the strategic cooperation agreement between Quanzhou Municipal People's Government and Pinduoduo. According to the agreement, the Quanzhou Municipal Government and Pinduoduo jointly released the "Production and Broadcasting Highland Plan". Pinduoduo's first batch of 4 industrial belt live broadcast bases was settled in Quanzhou, and it is expected that more than 50,000 enterprises will directly benefit. In the future, the plan will continue to provide support to industrial belt companies in terms of traffic support, venue provision, and personnel training, helping companies expand sales channels and upgrade brand marketing methods through live broadcasts.

Mayor Huang Chunhui (first from left) of Shishi City People's Government, Zhang Xiaohong (second from left), member of the Standing Committee of Nan'an Municipal Committee, Huang Wenjie (middle) from the head of Dehua County People's Government, Wu Yuzhou (second from right), acting head of Anxi County People's Government, Jinjiang Municipal People's Government Mayor Zhang Wenxian (first from the right) has been a guest in the live broadcast room of Duoduo Industry Zone, recommending local good goods to platform consumers.

  "Combining the resumption of production and the expansion of domestic demand, the combination of domestic and foreign trade markets, and the release of suppressed and frozen consumption to unblock industrial circulation, market circulation, and economic and social circulation." Xiao Hanhui, deputy mayor of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, said It is hoped that with the help of Pinduoduo's platform advantages, it will boost consumption and help Quanzhou's industrial economy recover faster.

  It is understood that the overall Quanzhou industrial belt cooperation is expected to directly drive 120,000 Quanzhou enterprises to open Pinduoduo brand flagship stores, which is expected to drive the annual total sales of Pinduoduo platform Quanzhou enterprises to exceed 100 billion.

  Set up a real estate broadcasting base to fully empower SMEs

  During the event, more than 60 enterprises with well-known brands in the industry opened special live broadcast exhibition halls. The online exhibition special "Quanzhou Good Goods Museum" covers a number of Quanzhou's advantageous industrial clusters such as food, clothing, ceramics, sanitary ware, home furnishing, shoes, hats, tea, etc. Among them, there are many seven wolf menswear, panpan food, Hengan, saiqi, noble bird Sexually well-known brands.

  "The sales volume of stores throughout the day has increased by nearly 2 times, and 12,000 fans have been added in one day," said Liang Shiquan, a multi-vendor of sanitary wares in Nan'an. In the sanitary ware industry with low consumption frequency, the core is the accumulation and maintenance of fans.

  In his view, Nan'an bathroom industry has a profound manufacturing advantage, but it has long relied on offline channels. On the one hand, when the epidemic hits, the entire industrial belt has suffered different degrees of impact; on the other hand, it is difficult to obtain the rapid development of new e-commerce dividends. "We made a" hair shampoo artifact "before, and it was sold online, but it was placed in an offline store. Everyone will ask, who will buy this thing?"

  "This live broadcast of the industrial belt is equivalent to making us a smart 2.0 in one day." At present, Liang Shiquan has begun to advance the planning for the second half of the year and devote more energy to the development of new products.

In the online industry belt live broadcast festival, sales of Nanan sanitary ware merchants' smart flagship stores increased significantly, and workers were working overtime to prepare express packages.

  Li Ding, the person in charge of the “Fighting Fair” believes that looking at the “Fighting Fair” for a long time can continue to help companies upgrade their production and marketing models and structures, and accurately target their target users. At the same time, he also said, "In the future, Pinduoduo will continue to use online technology to enable every industry belt to open the" Canton Fair "at the door of their homes, and consumers can go to the" Fashion Week "Ceramic Week" directly on their mobile phones. "

  At the same time, the production and broadcasting bases in Jinjiang, Shishi, Nan'an and Dehua in the "Production and Broadcasting Highland Plan" have been put into operation. The person in charge of Nan'an Pinduoduo Broadcasting Base said that there are currently hundreds of local e-commerce companies applying for settlement, and at the same time, the base will provide merchants with a series of supporting services such as license registration, Pinduoduo, anchor training, and product on-demand services. The merchants and merchants "carry in bags". At Shishi's production and broadcast base, merchants can directly select styles at the production and broadcast base, and contact the factory to achieve "live broadcast upstairs, take the goods downstairs", "sell the goods first, then pay, zero inventory".

  "Quanzhou Model" is upgraded again, Quanzhou brand enterprises collectively leverage new e-commerce transformation

  Over the past five years, Quanzhou's economic development and the growth of Pinduoduo have maintained a relationship of integration and progress. Throughout 2019, the total sales of orders for merchants in Quanzhou on the Pinduoduo platform exceeded 40 billion yuan.

  Quanpan's well-known food brand "Panpan" has invested its energy in operating Pinduoduo stores since 2019. Last year, the brand sold hundreds of millions of snacks in Pinduoduo. Dozens of snacks have sold more than 100,000 units, becoming a "network explosion" ".

  With the help of Pinduoduo's 585 million consumer advantage and the data support provided by the platform, "Panpan" successfully incubated two new e-commerce brands, "Cerealism" and "True Food Benefit". At present, the total sales of Pinduoduo's "grainism" stores exceed 100,000, and the sales of "True Food Hui" stores exceed 70,000.

  "Pinduoduo has brought a lot of help in brand promotion, product operation, fan promotion, etc., especially the innovative marketing methods of new e-commerce platforms such as Duoduo Orchard." "Join the '10 billion subsidies' activity, let Panpan "A win-win situation in brand promotion and sales in first- and second-tier cities", Wang Huada, head of Panpan Food E-commerce, said that on the Pinduoduo platform, Panpan has found a new engine that drives business growth.

  Quanzhou's "Family to Family Ratio", known as "China IKEA", is a well-known export brand in the furniture industry. The company's annual output value is close to 1 billion. Affected by the epidemic situation, family history has fallen by about a third compared with foreign trade.

  "At present, Pinduoduo is the most suitable e-commerce platform for foreign trade enterprises to transform and sell domestically." Lai Shuiqing, head of Jiashibi, believes that flexible production based on consumer data is the general trend. Cooperation with the new e-commerce platform can give full play to foreign trade factories. The production capacity advantage and price advantage, "We have a mature production system, large-volume products can achieve only 15 days of delivery, can fully adapt to the" explosion "ecology led by a lot of cost-effective."

  Since focusing on working hard, Jiashibi has launched a series of inexpensive domestic products, and quickly attracted fans' attention on the platform with the help of e-commerce live broadcast. At present, "Shijiazhuang" flagship store has appeared "100,000+" explosive goods.

  It is reported that Pinduoduo will cooperate with Panpan, Jiashi, and other industries with advantages in intelligent production, digital marketing, and talent cultivation, especially for foreign trade companies affected by the epidemic, to help companies enter the fast lane of development as soon as possible. In the future, Pinduoduo will also fully open data support, R & D suggestions and flow resources and other support measures to more excellent manufacturing enterprises in Quanzhou through the "New Brand Plan", and jointly explore C2M customized production with enterprises to cultivate new brands at the lowest cost.

  “Quanzhou is accelerating after trillions, and Pinduoduo is innovating after trillions.” Zhao Jiazhen, co-founder of Pinduoduo, believes that the number advantages, data advantages, and technological advantages of the new e-commerce platform consumers and the design and manufacturing of Quanzhou Industrial Belt both Advantageous integration, driven by innovation, can truly create "good goods are not expensive" for consumers.