Dealers demanded the telecom service providers in the state, granting them facilities under the current circumstances to face the repercussions of the emergence of the new "Corona" virus, calling for postponing the payment of bills, and giving them discounts on them, after witnessing great increases as a result of increasing calls, to check on family or friends inside the country And outside it, within the framework of commitment to the policy of social divergence, or because of remote work, and the continuous follow-up of the work required.

They stressed to «Emirates Today», the importance of there being facilities and exceptions for customers who are outside the state and were unable to return, such as temporarily stopping services, without paying the value of the accumulated bills during their absence, especially since they did not use telecommunications services during their absence, demanding to return the service without any Fines after returning.

It is noteworthy that «Emirates Today» tried to contact with the telecommunications service providers in the country, to comment on the matter .. But could not respond!

Postpone the bills

In detail, subscriber Suleiman Abdullah called on the telecom providers in the state to postpone the payment of telecom bills, especially mobile and internet bills for at least three months, for example, in consideration of the current conditions of some subscribers, within the repercussions of the spread of the new Corona epidemic.

Abdullah said that this step aims to reduce the burdens on the subscribers, until things return to normal, especially since some subscribers are going through difficult financial conditions, due to the "Corona" crisis.


The subscriber, Muhammad Ali Faraj, also demanded that the value of the bills due be halved, for a temporary period of at least three months, under the current circumstances.

Faraj explained that the March bill showed an unprecedented rise in the value of telecom bills, due to a large number of calls being made, to check on family or friends inside and outside the country, in the context of adhering to the policy of social divergence, or due to remote work, and the follow-up required Continuous workflow, by making many phone calls and raising the speed of the Internet.

He pointed out that this time is the most appropriate to show social responsibility from major service companies towards individuals and companies, especially in light of these emergency conditions that the whole world is going through, not just the UAE.


For its part, the participant asked Sarah Jumaa to take into account the difficult financial conditions that some subscribers go through, as a result of reducing companies from their employment or reducing the salaries of employees, by exempting them from paying half of the telecom bills' values, and the presence of payment facilities, so that the payment is in installments Soft without cutting service, in order to contribute positively to reducing the burdens on the subscribers.

It agreed that the March bills were high for reasons beyond the control of many subscribers, in light of the use of telephones for tele-work purposes, and the pursuit of tele-education for their children, under unusual circumstances.


The subscriber, Ahmed Murad, called on the telecom providers to show flexibility and grant facilities to subscribers who are outside the state, who were unable to return due to the current circumstances, the most important of which is the temporary suspension of service for a certain period, while not paying the value of the accumulated bills during their absence, especially since they did not use the telecommunications services during their absence Long, re-service without any fines after their return.

He pointed out that the unusual circumstances that the whole world is going through, the inability of participants to return as a result of the airport closures, and restrictions on movement in the world, require flexibility from the two companies, especially as the telecommunications sector is one of the most beneficiaries of the crisis.

Exceptional position

In the same context, the customer, Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, also demanded that “telecom operators have an exceptional position regarding the temporary suspension of the services of traders abroad from the residents, due to the circumstances of facing the spread of (Corona), according to their request and with the accumulation of invoices to them without success, and with their lack of knowledge "How long will the virus end and be able to return."


For his part, the trader Ibrahim Mustafa said that it is important to have contributions from telecommunications providers that benefit customers under the current circumstances, explaining that «one of the most prominent of these facilities is the granting of discounts even if temporary on bills with a high cost significantly, in light of the increase in voice calls and data With the need to work remotely, and rely heavily on calls from personal phones ».

The dealer, Ayman Mohamed, emphasized that the current conditions created by Corona require that telecom providers have a societal role by contributing to the mitigation of dealers, similar to the role played by a large number of banks by postponing monthly payments or a number of leasing companies by exempting tenants during the current period.

He pointed out that the conditions of social separation and work remotely increased the value of bills significantly, adding: «Nevertheless, there are no discounts from telecom operators, but rather they tend to cut services to customers currently, despite their knowledge of the need for services with education and remote work».

Important things

And the trader, Mahmoud Ibrahim, considered that the contribution of telecom operators in facilities to customers is an important matter now, especially that telecom bills are an essential part of the monthly financial burden for most individuals.

And he explained that with the conditions of "Corona" and social divergence, the telecom bills increased, and there are no initiatives to reduce those bills.

The customer, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman pointed out that “the current conditions are exceptional circumstances, and exceptional facilities also require telecommunications service providers, whether by giving companies discounts on their service bills, or by giving individuals payment facilities and reductions with high costs, in light of remote work, The social divergence that compels family members and friends to rely mainly on communication via voice calls, video and audio communication packages.

Corporate claims

The responsible manager in a private company, Ahmed Rashid, called for halving the value of the companies' bills, especially small companies, and not to cut the service in the event of late payment, taking into account the temporary conditions resulting from the consequences of "Corona", in the context of showing support to the private sector companies that were damaged For reasons beyond her control, not for reasons related to it.

The official in one of the companies, Issam Al Anwar, also called for flexibility with the telecom providers, and the acceptance of stopping the service for a temporary period for companies that were closed temporarily, or had to reduce the number of workers, without imposing any fines on them after re-service after the period of stopping easily and the terms of the contracts The previous itself.

He pointed out that the telecom service providers in the state play a major role in the framework of corporate social responsibility, stressing that this is the most appropriate time to do so, and to show support for companies that were temporarily affected.

Dealers confirmed the increase in the value of bills, as a result of increased calls, in the context of commitment to social distancing, or remote work.

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