Tenants demanded the owners to take into account their current conditions, by exempting them from a monthly payment or at least postponing the payment of checks, in light of the current circumstances related to the consequences of the Corona virus.

They pointed out to «Emirates Today» that real estate managers stand at a barrier between tenants and landlords, and their biggest concern is the non-decline in the rental value of the buildings that they manage, noting that the buildings that are managed by owners themselves have reduced the rental value of many tenants.

In addition, two real estate experts said: "The current situation requires that all parties join hands to face the repercussions of the virus, and that this timing is not appropriate to achieve profits, but it is a time when different groups of society, including landlords and tenants, come together."

Real estate managers

In detail, the tenant said (Intisar A.): “Real estate managers must transfer the full image of the owners, and not stand a barrier between the landlord and the tenant, in order to preserve their business, especially since there are many landlords who have taken initiatives to exempt tenants, some of whom have exempted for two months and others For one and a half months », requiring all landlords to follow their example, because many tenants, especially self-employed workers, have been affected by the reduction of their salaries.

She added, “She works in a school, which has reduced all salaries by 50% due to the current events, until further notice, wondering, Are real estate owners looking at us with an exceptional look at this period, given these conditions?”

The tenant said (Mr. N.): “He asked the building manager to postpone the rental check he owed in the current period of two months so that he can manage his affairs,

Especially because he needed liquidity to help his family in his home country, but his request was rejected, as the building manager justified that the owner could refuse, and when he told him to give him the owner's number, he did not give him any attention ».

The tenant said, (Mahmoud R.): “The real estate manager is chasing him by paying the late rental check on him, but he cannot pay now.” He asked real estate managers to be flexible with the tenants in this difficult period, knowing that I expected them to exempt them for a month or two From paying the rent, under the current circumstances, but the situation is different to them, the company employees chase me to pay, even though I asked them to postpone more than once.

Segments of society

For his part, Abdul Karim Al-Mulla, CEO of Standard Real Estate Management, said, "The current situation requires the interaction of all segments of society with each other in financial matters, especially in the rental sector, and given that the latter represents a large part of household spending, and therefore if it is possible Landlords or their representatives from the Real Estate Manager, do some of the things that make it easier for the tenant, so they should not be late in that, ”stressing that a number of landlords reduce rents, and exempt some for periods commensurate with the health problem we are dealing with now.

He pointed out that this societal behavior of some of these owners is not strange for the people of the Emirates, expecting that such charitable social behaviors will increase in the future to include a large number of owners, pointing out that this timing is not a time to achieve profits, but it is a time of solidarity between different groups of society, Including landlords and tenants.

Special initiatives

For his part, the real estate expert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “W Real Estate Brokerage Company”, Walid Al-Zarouni, called the owners and real estate managers in the Emirates to launch special initiatives to support their clients, reduce economic pressure on them, and help them overcome these emergency situations resulting from the Corona virus crisis », By providing rent exemptions for the owners of housing units for certain periods, and postponing the rental installments, in a manner appropriate for each case of tenants, suggesting that the tenants be exempted from paying the rent due for a specific period or reducing its rate.

He said, "These initiatives are not alien to owners and owners of real estate and real estate companies in the state, and the national and societal contributions they make in times of adversity and crisis." Noting that many owners have undertaken such voluntary initiatives on their own, by exempting from the rental value for periods of ranges Between one and three months.

Al-Zarouni added: "We are currently going through exceptional circumstances outside the will of all, and we must join hands and circumvent our government and our leadership, and support national efforts to overcome this emergency crisis, in terms of social responsibility, and the national sense of companies and real estate investors."

Real estate managers

The real estate expert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “W Capital Real Estate Brokerage Company”, Walid Al-Zarouni, demanded that real estate managers not be an obstacle to the owners in these contributions, by communicating the conditions of some tenants with neutrality to the owners, and that they do not fear losing their business because of these social behaviors, because it strengthens the relationship between The landlord, tenant, and building managers, as this contributes to the satisfaction of customers and trust, as providing support represents a good opportunity to deepen the good relationship between real estate owners, tenants, companies and the client in the long term.