Shenzhen gambling property market survey: annual fee of 2,000 yuan V V Group Group education loan business speculation

  Recently, the contradictory market of “high-price house second light” and nearly one million “tea-drinking fees” in the Shenzhen property market have attracted attention from many parties. Subsequently, mortgage-backed mortgage loans with interest-bearing interest have been pushed to the forefront. The funds were used to help small and medium-sized enterprises trapped in the epidemic, but they were suspected of flowing into the property market in disguise.

  On April 20, the Shenzhen branch of the central bank issued a voice requesting banks within its jurisdiction to investigate the matter. On the same day, the Shenzhen SME Service Bureau issued an announcement that it will increase the review of loan interest discount projects with the banking and insurance supervision department to strictly prevent loan projects that do not meet the interest discount conditions from being mixed in and defraud financial funds.

  The supervised Damocles sword hangs high. Does the investor's desire to enter the Shenzhen property market make a big bet?

  "There are too many cash-out methods in Shenzhen, and the bold can use millions to pour tens of millions of funds." The long-awaited house buyer Meiya told the Beijing News reporter that there will be people in his own group of buyers. "There is also a large V to establish a special WeChat group, with an annual fee of nearly 2,000 yuan to teach everyone how to buy a house. Among them, one of the cash-outs is the mortgage business loan.

  Taking a community in Futian District, Shenzhen as an example, she said that the price of a house was more than 2 million yuan half a year ago and rose to 4 million yuan half a year later. Some real estate prices in Baoshan District rose even more sharply. In the interview, Mei Ya sighed: "Shenzhen is so crazy now", and also regretted missing the opportunity to follow the big V to get rich last year.

  "As long as housing prices rise, it will attract capital. Buying a residential house in Shenzhen is stronger than buying a commercial house in many cities, and getting a loan to invest in a physical operation is not higher than the rate of return on real estate." Azer (a pseudonym) ) This view of the rush of funds to the property market.

  Many industry insiders said that good planning in Shenzhen, relatively loose settlement conditions, and the cancellation of the luxury house tax line last year are all factors that support housing prices, and high housing prices in turn are the cause of high leverage. However, the Shenzhen property market is full of fake news, and the hype can easily get normal buyers out of control.

  The Beijing News reporter found that when the central bank asked banks in Shenzhen to check the mortgage loans and flow into the real estate market, there are still speculators waiting for opportunities, and intermediaries are constantly attracting customers. However, some investors who were looking for an intermediary to buy a house in advance have panicked, worrying that the house will not be mortgaged in the short term and will also pay high interest to the money broker. "Eight-tenths of interest per day, 8 million houses will pay 6400 yuan a day, who can afford it?

Investors "packaging" into the market: open a company mortgage mortgage loan

  Meiya has been diving in the house purchase group for many years. She told reporters that the high leverage problem in the Shenzhen property market did not appear recently. One of the cash-out tricks I have learned is the mortgage business loan. "For example, if you have 5 million cash, after you buy a house, you will find an intermediary to pack a startup company and mortgage the house. Generally, you can loan 70% of the total net value of the house (about 3.5 million yuan), which is equivalent to a 30% down payment or even You can buy another property at a lower price. "

  In Meiya's view, individuals can buy houses in this mode. "As long as the price of the house rises, you can solve the problem by selling it and paying back the money. This method can pry up a lot of real estate."

  "To be more direct, intermediaries and banks will think of ways to give you the money." She took a community in Futian District, Shenzhen as an example. A house cost more than 2 million yuan six months ago because of the favorable school districts and convenient transportation conditions such as the subway. Six months later, it rose to 4 million yuan. In Shenzhen, some real estate prices in Baoshan District have risen sharply, but there have also been flat prices.

  "If you spent 2,000 yuan in the annual fee last year and entered the group of Big V, you might earn 100 times the (annual fee) this year. Shenzhen is so crazy now." Mei Ya lamented and looked forward to unlimited, At present, I have a house purchase fund in my hand, but because of the "cowardness" I have missed many mobile phone meetings, and I am still watching the Shenzhen housing prices.

  "Can that be done now?"

  In the past few days, Shenzhen departments have issued a rigorous investigation into the housing mortgage loan to buy a house. The house buying group where Miya is located is "fried pan", worrying that the operation level will be tightened.

  Recently, the Shenzhen property market has set off a wave of enthusiasm on the Internet: In early April, the 40 million apartment in Shenzhen "second light", the tea fee that disappeared for a long time has reappeared in individual projects. In addition, some real estate prices in Shenzhen listed by intermediaries have increased by 10% this year. In turn, the mortgage-backed mortgage loan, which can be discounted, was accused of being a driving force for this round of housing price increases.

  An important feature of the special anti-epidemic loans is "cheap". According to the central bank's previous announcement, at least one hundred billion yuan of preferential interest loans have been launched, and the Ministry of Finance and other companies have clearly given another half of the discount based on the actual loan interest rate. The actual financing cost of some companies that obtained the loan is only about 2%. The reporter interviewed a number of banks and learned that the interest rate of normal housing loans is based on the latest LPR quotation, and some banks add some points to this basis. Looking at the latest quotation in April, the 1-year interest rate is 3.85%.

  "Operating loans are returned once a year, that is to say, if you borrow 1 million yuan, you will have to repay the principal and interest once a year, and then loan out the next year for a maximum period of 6 years. According to LPR, the interest is 38,500 yuan per year. On average, it is about 3200 yuan per month. The operating loan has a lower interest rate than other loans, and it will be cheaper if there is a discount. "A credit person from a large state-owned bank said.

The intermediary advocates investing in real estate under the epidemic situation, the operating loan is high, but the bank is not easy to pass

  After arranging funds to reenter the property market, the bet is that house prices will rise.

  "It's better to buy a residential house in Shenzhen than a commercial house in another city." Azer, who has worked as a housing agent for 20 years in Shenzhen, said that Huizhou, which is adjacent to Shenzhen, recently issued a special price, which originally required a down payment of 30% of the house. For 20% of the investment, the buyer can pay for one achievement, because the developer's funds can't be recovered, even if they don't make money. The price of Shenzhen on the border with Huizhou remained at around 40,000 yuan and did not fall.

  Azer said that the property market turnover in March and April has recovered. Although it has not returned to the scale before the epidemic, some merchants may not be able to continue to operate, and many people have lowered prices to sell their houses. "This year you can invest in real estate if you have funds and no place to invest."

  Azer was certain that housing prices in Shenzhen would not be depressed, and the transaction rate would be better than before. The reasons for its recommendation include that the factories in Shenzhen's coastal zone basically rely on foreign trade. Now the epidemic situation in foreign countries is more serious. More than 90% of these foreign trade factories are in a shutdown state. They will temporarily stop until August and September, and may be longer. In addition, there are many offline training courses, because the online teaching is closed, and the profitability of the restaurant is also worrying. The return on investment is low, so it is better to invest in real estate.

  In fact, as the epidemic is getting farther away, the Shenzhen property market has been the first to break out. In March, the average price of second-hand houses in Shenzhen was 59,048 yuan per square meter, an increase of 0.95% month-on-month. Among them, the average transaction price of Baoan was 65,031 yuan per square meter, an increase of 1.21% month-on-month, the largest increase. From the industry's point of view, in addition to individual sellers and intermediaries participating in the market hype, the inflow of consumer loans and housing loans to the real estate market is also a strong boost.

  As for operating loans that can only be applied by companies, what can individuals do? Azer said it was not difficult. He told reporters that whether it is a limited company or an individual, it is not difficult to become a corporate legal person. You can apply for registration directly on the official website of the Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce, fill in the address in a certain district and office building in Shenzhen, and then charge a registration fee to The company account can be taken after being locked for three months, and then the whole process can be completed. Azer said that some companies are empty shells, and the Bureau of Industry and Commerce may randomly check some of them, the ratio is about 1/10.

  "If the registered capital is 10 million yuan, it is possible to lend 10 to 20 million yuan." He revealed that if you want to lend some more funds when making a mortgage, give the third-party evaluation company a "benefit fee" to make them appropriate Just do a high-value mortgage asset valuation.

  However, this level does not seem to be as easy as the intermediary said.

  The reporter learned from the interview that the operating loan limit is relatively higher. A credit person from a large state-owned bank in Shenzhen told reporters that there are two types of mortgage loans for the bank. One is business loans. The upper limit of the loan is 5 million yuan. The applicant must have a company in its name and be a corporate legal person. Look at the company's business scope, supply and marketing contracts, etc .; the other is consumer loans, with a loan limit of 2 million yuan, and need to provide materials for funds, such as shopping invoices. The upper limit of the two types of loans shall not exceed 70% of the net value of the house.

  Another state-owned big bank credit person said that the upper limit of the bank's mortgage loan is 10 million yuan. The applicant must be a legal person or a shareholder of the company. At the same time, it must provide running bills, the amount of which is at least twice the amount of the loan. If the loan is 1 million yuan, the company needs to provide 2 million yuan of running water.

  Different regions and different banks have slightly different implementation standards. A credit person from a state-owned big bank in Beijing said that the bank had suspended mortgage loans; another credit person from a state-owned big bank said that the mortgage funds were directly sent to third-party accounts.

  "Assume that you are Company A, you buy 100 computers from Company B, and use your house as a mortgage to get a bank loan. The bank sees your supply and marketing contract and lends you 1 million yuan to directly call Company B." A joint-stock banker also said , But what is your relationship with Company B, it may be difficult to check. Another example is the market value of computers is 8,000 yuan, but the contract writes 10,000 yuan each, which involves a little tax. A value-added tax invoice is required, but this can also be bought for money, so as long as the materials are all given to the bank, the bank cannot say .

  The source also revealed that the more centrally located the mortgaged house, the higher the number of possible loans, because there is no concern that the house price will fluctuate too much. If it is a non-core location in the outer suburbs, it may only be at most 4 of the net value of the house. -50%. In addition to the mortgage of the house, it also depends on the applicant ’s personal and company ’s turnover. The average monthly income must be more than 1.5 times the repayment amount; if married, the spouse ’s income must be considered at the same time. Bank visa.

  The interviewed bankers all emphasized that it is explicitly forbidden for housing mortgage funds to flow to the stock market and the property market. After lending, the funds will be tracked, and if the home buyer recycles the housing mortgage loan, the individual's accumulated debt is too high, and the loan may be rejected. Asked if there is a loan with a lower interest rate than the operating loan, such as the availability of discounted loans recently reported, some bankers said: "That is Hu Gan, drilling for policy loopholes, the CBRC will check."

The central bank investigates or slows down housing prices soaring, the industry: to break the expectations of the property market must rise

  Buying a house with a discounted corporate loan touched the sensitive nerves of the whole society about the epidemic. "I want to replace the house but the money is not enough. According to the policy, I can only sell the first set. However, in the past, many people used various loan names to mortgage the house and then invested it in the property market. This time it was suspected that it was moved. The special anti-epidemic funds during the epidemic had to rescue the trapped small, medium and micro enterprises, and the result was set back into the property market. "A real estate analyst told the Beijing News reporter.

  On April 22, the Central Bank Shenzhen Center Sub-branch, Shenzhen SME Service Bureau, Shenzhen Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau notified the investigation of housing loans and housing purchases. Among them, the Shenzhen Branch of the Central Bank said that according to the preliminary investigation of the commercial bank, no application for operating loans was found after the registration of the company; no credit loans for small refinancing loans were flowed into the real estate market through the form of housing loans for operating loans; Some commercial banks have clients who buy a house in full and then apply for a business loan with the newly purchased property as collateral, but the scale is small. Commercial banks have been required to conduct comprehensive investigations on whether credit funds have flowed into the real estate sector in violation of regulations.

  In the first quarter of this year, gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 6.8% year-on-year, but the Politburo meeting held on April 17 still emphasized that "housing and housing are not speculation." Prior to this, the central bank, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other regulatory agencies have repeatedly reiterated this principle.

  In the opinion of a real estate analyst, some intermediaries' rhetoric is theoretical, and the actual implementation is difficult or risky. For example, no one would dare to use a loan from an interest-benefiting enterprise to buy a house, but it is possible to obtain these funds and then loan to other enterprises. He also reminded that the Shenzhen property market is full of fake news, such as "zero down payment to buy a house", "zero interest rate to buy a house", etc. are all fake, and the hype can easily cause normal buyers to get out of control.

  Talking about Shenzhen's high housing prices and high leverage, the analyst believes that the cancellation of the Shenzhen luxury tax line last year was the core reason for the market heat in the past two quarters. According to public reports, in November last year, Shenzhen ordinary houses no longer set a price line, as long as the residential area ratio is higher than 1.0, and the single set of buildings with a construction area of ​​144 square meters or less are ordinary houses, they can be exempted from VAT for two years. . At that time, many experts said that after the implementation of the new policy, a house can save 200,000 to 300,000 yuan in value-added tax, many buyers who hesitated before took action.

  High leverage is a historical reason. The analyst said that from the perspective of the “three-in-one” policy to curb the phenomenon of “yin and yang contracts” and “high appraisal and high loan”, Shenzhen is the latest to be implemented in first-tier cities nationwide. In addition, whether the property market regulation policy is a purchase restriction under the settlement policy or a credit down payment ratio, it is also the most lenient in first-tier cities.

  Guo Shiying, an analyst at Zhuge Property Search Data Research Center, also told the Beijing News reporter that the Shenzhen real estate market has always been driven by high leverage. The rise in housing prices in the past year is mainly due to the impact of favorable planning: Guangdong in February 2019 The development plan for the Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area was implemented. In August, Shenzhen built a “first demonstration area”. In November, Hong Kong and Macao residents relaxed their home ownership conditions in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area.

  "A number of favorable policies in Shenzhen were released in 2019, which increased market activity and confidence. Although affected by the epidemic, it quickly recovered. The overall market situation is good and the sales price is higher. This time, the central bank inspected the housing mortgage loan. It may slow down the rising momentum of house prices. In the short term, Shenzhen house prices will maintain stability and maintain stable operation. "Guo Shiying said.

  There is more than one real estate speculator on the property market. Pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economic Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said that China ’s real estate has not experienced any depreciation and decline in the past 20 years. Banks have recognized the stability of housing prices and prefer real estate mortgages, which will make banks bet on real estate. Higher and higher, the dependence is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, at this stage, if you want to prevent loose credit from flowing into the property market, on the one hand, you should strictly check the flow of loans, and on the other hand, you must break the consistent expectation that the property market will inevitably rise.

  Beijing News reporter Cheng Weimiao