Kwon Aeri's friendly economy starts. Reporter Kwon, today (24th), you brought up a talk about Jae-Tek in a rather dark and anxious economic situation.


Yes. It's not Jae-Tech, and in fact, even in this situation, there are many people who are wondering how to see this phenomenon and what to do about it. Let's take a look.

First, the gold price, recently hit a daily high. Previously, gold was the most expensive time of year 2011, but after breaking records in nine years, it has been largely on the rise.

However, there is also a view that it goes up further. Bank of America, a large American investment bank, predicted gold prices up to $ 3,000 per ounce 18 months after yesterday.

As of today, this is $ 1,650, and I predicted that it will almost double after 1 year and a half now.

I'm not trying to tell you to stock up on gold because I never do it now. Let's see why these stories are coming out.

It's just three things when the gold price goes up. When the first match is uncertain, the second time the world is freed up a lot, and the third time the value of the US dollar falls. Now, all three of these are in the mood. It looks a little ambiguous only three times. The value of the US dollar.

Because now the economy is not just uncertain and it's time to worry about the economic crisis, so even if you get a little bit more anxious, you have to be a dollar at this time and the money in the world is ready to run in dollars at any time.

But now the United States is solving a lot of dollars. Then the value of a dollar will eventually drop in the not too distant future. This is the psychology that is now moving toward gold.


I said it wasn't about Jae-Tek, and reporter Kwon said it wasn't a word to buy. Shall we buy or not?


I won't tell you that. And one thing to remember. Gold is actually pretty stone in itself. You can't eat, you don't pay interest like deposits or savings, and you don't get dividends.

[Kim Young-ik / Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Sogang University: In investment, gold is often referred to as a 'hen that does not lay eggs'. You can only invest in market profits (in gold), so you have to think about this when investing

in gold .] The fact that the gold price reached its highest level in nine years, then, when the gold rose just nine years ago, "Oh, buy it. Anyone who bought along "is the same as saying that he has suffered losses for nine years. In the meantime, there was no interest and no gold.

Being careful with these points, nevertheless, there are people who are interested in gold in the same prospects these days.

What I would like to say to such people is that excessive investment is prohibited, and it is best to buy 1 gram per day through gold banking by commercial banks that can buy 0.01 gram, which can be done just like an accumulative fund, or through the Korea Exchange gold market.

Remembering that gold makes too much of my extra money is actually a risk to the average person.

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shouldn't be overwhelmed. And nowadays, international oil prices are booming, but there are a lot of ant investors who are investing in derivatives or these even if they can't directly invest in crude oil?


Yes. Suddenly popular these days, financial authorities are at risk about this, and yesterday issued a consumer alert. The highest level of this alert is 'risk', but the risk alert is already the second in two weeks.

You may have heard a lot of names of financial products called ETN and ETF. It looks similar at first glance, but it is different.

Financial instruments that have received a risk alert are both crude oil futures ETNs over two weeks. If not, oil prices began to plunge as oil-producing countries started fighting with oil production earlier this month.

Since then, the funds of our individual investors have been gathered here in trillions. This is unlike gold, so to speak, recently, there was a lot of sentiment like buying a stock. Eventually, the price of oil will rise again, which is when I want to fall again.

However, financial authorities even ordered a temporary suspension of trading on both ETN products on the market yesterday and today.

The ETN in question is a bond of a securities company that promises to keep up with the returns of crude oil futures, the right to secure future oil.

However, it is true that this product keeps up with the yield of crude oil trading, but there may be several situations in between.

In a very, very simple way, this doesn't really happen very often, but the US crude oil is now $ 10, but if there are a lot of people who want to invest in it suddenly like today, it's like they bought it for $ 20 together, and the oil is 30 later. Even if it's a dollar, my actual return may not be the difference of $ 20.

I'm glad that's enough, but I'd rather lose money if I'm in a situation like buying for $ 40 now.

This includes designs that are difficult to hold and hold like stocks. It has characteristics that are linked to the monthly trading of crude oil futures.

In fact, not only Korean individual investors, but also individuals who do not know all the principles of these products at record low oil prices in the US these days are investing here and losing.

Crude oil derivatives investments are, in fact, one of the most risky of any individual accessible product. I would like to say once again that you must keep this in mind and invest.


The design characteristics of the product are also dangerous and may be more dangerous because they do not know.


There are some aspects that may be more dangerous when popular.