Small Business Sales Index Corona's Worst Japanese Government Survey April 24, 4:14

A survey conducted by the Japan Finance Corporation, which asks small businesses with less than 20 employees about monthly sales, has worsened significantly due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, exceeding the time of the Lehman shock. It was the toughest result since it started.

The survey targeted small businesses and sole proprietors all over the country with less than 20 employees, and subtracted the percentage of companies that said they had "saved" from the percentage of companies that said they had "increased" sales. The index is watching the changes in the situation.

In last month's survey, the number of respondents saying that sales had “decreased” due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection rapidly increased, and the index fell to minus 65.4, a sharp decline of 46 points from the previous time. It was below the minus 53 we had in July 2009 after the Lehman shock, the worst result since we started the survey in 1993.

By industry, the index was negative 93.3, as most restaurants replied that their sales had “decreased”.

In addition, the retail industry fell to minus 69 and the manufacturing industry fell to minus 51.2.

Japan Finance Corporation has said, "Many businesses are worried about the crisis caused by a virus whose treatment method is not clear. This time the next survey is even more difficult, as many responses have been issued before the government's declaration of an emergency. It's going to be a result. "