China News Agency, Beijing, April 23 (Reporter Liu Yuying) Wen Ku, spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and director of the Information and Communication Development Department, said on the 23rd that despite the impact of the epidemic, China's 5G development has been generally smooth and 5G gradually Get closer to people's lives.

  At the press conference of the State Council Information Office held on the 23rd, Wenku introduced that the network is closer to the people. As of the end of March, 198,000 5G base stations and more than 50 million 5G package users have been built nationwide, of which 5G equipment is used to connect 5G There are more than 20 million online.

  The product is also closer to the people. According to reports, as of April 22, 96 models of 5G mobile terminals have been granted access to the network, compared with only 39 models at the end of December last year. The price of 5G mobile phones is also rapidly dropping, and 5G mobile phones with a price of more than 2,000 yuan have begun to appear on the market. 5G professional modules can already support 5G 8K TV, 5G industrial production line, intelligent transportation and many other industry applications.

  The application is to accelerate the landing. Ultra high-definition video, cloud games, AR / VR (augmented reality / virtual reality), etc. are more widely used in the consumer field. The pilot demonstration of 5G in key fields such as the Internet of Vehicles, Industrial Internet, and medical treatment has been more in-depth. Since the outbreak, applications such as 5G + telemedicine, intelligent medical robots, unmanned disinfection, remote education, and online office have been accelerated to bring people an intuitive 5G experience.

  5G is considered the engine of "new infrastructure". Wen Ku said that telecom operators have now been required to seize the deadline and concentrate resources to accelerate the construction of 5G networks. It is expected that this year it will be "no problem to complete the target", that is, to complete the construction of 500,000 new 5G base stations and accelerate the transition from non-independent networking to independent networking.

  He also said that this year, telecommunications operators will be promoted to drive 5G consumption through measures such as reducing traffic tariffs and credit purchases. (Finish)