Asiana Airlines has decided to extend all employees' unpaid leave for more than 15 days amid the corona19 aviation industry.

Asiana Airlines said on the 19th that every month, from next month, until the normalization of business volume, all employees decided to enter at least 15 days of unpaid leave.

Earlier, Asiana Airlines operated all of its employees this month with over 15 days of unpaid leave, running virtually half the workforce.

In addition, Asiana Airlines decided to continue a strong self-help scheme for survival, such as cabin (crew) crew and domestic airport branch workers receiving paid leave every two months after May.

In addition, we have been actively increasing the supply of charter passengers from last month to make up for sales.

On the 17th and 18th, a special charter was launched between Incheon and Vietnam to transport engineers from Samsung Display.

Previously, in March, we operated a special charter flight that transports engineers from Samsung Display and LG Display to Vietnam three times.

In addition, on March 19, 80 people from Iran were transported to the country through the emergency transportation operation with the government.

Asiana Airlines plans to continue to form a special charter for the transportation of human resources by domestic companies in the future to continue the role of bridging economic exchanges and to make up for the results.

In addition, we are focusing on the operation of 'Belly Cargo', which uses cargo planes to transport cargo to meet the increased international cargo demand due to the decrease in the supply of passenger planes.

In March-April, we operate 150 flights on 16 routes to China, Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe to improve performance.

An Asiana Airlines official said, “As the number of aircraft standing at the airport increases with Corona 19, the existing heavy maintenance schedule has been accelerated to 16.7% of the initial maintenance work, thus securing safety after the end of Corona 19 and preparing for restoring sales force. "I said.

(Photo = Yonhap News)