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The self-employed who are entitled to the exceptional benefit for cessation of activity, and which entails the exoneration of the fee to Social Security, will not receive the refund of the payment they made last March 31 until the second half of May. Therefore, they will have to wait at least 45 days from when they were charged to receive the refund. .

Faced with requests from the self-employed to cancel the March subscription, Social Security responded that those workers who had the right to unemployment that the Government has developed to alleviate the consequences of the coronavirus would receive the refund of the quota automatically .

"The Social Security Treasury will return the quotas that the self-employed workers have entered when they overlap with the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity, without having to request it, and once the entry of the quotas and the granting of the benefit ", they affirmed from the Ministry. And the payment of that benefit took place yesterday , when almost a million self-employed workers received "an amount of 70% of the regulatory base, that is, a minimum of 661 euros in the case of those who contribute on the minimum basis."

However, the General Treasury now recognizes that "the quotas corresponding to the days between March 14 and 31, of self-employed workers who are beneficiaries of the benefit for cessation of activity, will be returned in the second half of the month May ", to which sources from the department led by José Luis Escrivá add that" it is difficult for the return to take place before May 15. " "We are streamlining the procedures as much as possible but the computer application is the same for returns, for postponements and for returns," they explain.

The anger of the self-employed

"The self-employed are not to lend to the State. How easy it would have been to do it the other way around, helping the people. This is putting the Administration at the service of the citizen at the moment. I hope they learn from the error and in April suspend the quota, " Lorenzo Amor, President of the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA).

Amor has been especially critical of Escrivá's management, and since the coronavirus crisis began, he requested the suspension of the March quota. He affirmed that many own-account workers did not have the capacity to meet this quota, since in most cases they had to stop their activity since March 14 . Those workers, he says now, will have to wait "two months" to receive the return.

Escrivá, for his part, has also been very hard on Amor and on ATA, whom he has accused of lying, misinforming and creating confusion among self-employed workers. He did so during his appearance this week in Congress, even making a "complete dossier" with his supposed "false information" available to the deputies.

Almost a million benefits

919,173 self-employed workers received yesterday the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity that the Government approved to alleviate the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. It has access to it any self-employed worker registered in the corresponding regime who is affected by the closure of businesses due to the declaration of the state of alarm or whose turnover falls in the month by 75% compared to the monthly average of the previous semester.

Until last Wednesday, April 15, 1,016,670 self-employed workers had requested this benefit, for which 97.3% of the applications processed have been approved. To request it, no minimum contribution period is required, it is only necessary to be registered in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) and be up to date with the payment of social contributions.

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