Just need to serve readers around 10 kilometers-

The physical bookstore also gave away takeaway

The first takeaway from the physical bookstore came from Zhong Shuge.

Everything can be taken out, and physical bookstores in Beijing have recently joined the takeaway. The first 72 physical bookstores have already launched Meituan takeaway, which means that readers can receive the books they want in about 30 minutes after placing the order. You can have both book fragrance and rice fragrance.

Of course, there are also doubts: What book is so anxious to take out? Why don't you use e-commerce when the takeaway price is high? Which of the many book selections in the store are taken out? I do n’t even have a bookstore outside Wuhuan ...

What to sell: children's books, dictionaries, soft Ou Bao

There are two stores in Beijing Foreign Studies Bookstore: one is located in Beijing Foreign Studies University, which focuses on language and culture; the other is located in Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science and Technology Park, which focuses on management and reading. Both stores have dedicated children's areas. In addition to a selection of children's books, the graded reading products published by the Foreign Research Institute are also highlights. In the promotional activities of the US group takeaway "Home Reading Day" on March 20-22, two foreign bookstores sold 120 orders and won the online sales championship.

Fu Shuai, general manager of the Foreign Research Bookstore, said that currently, children ’s books are the best-selling food, and the top three are picture books, graded reading materials of foreign research institutes, and children ’s literature. In addition to books, the bookstore has also launched a number of cultural and creative, stationery, accounting for about 35% of sales.

On March 20, the first batch of three bookstores of CITIC Bookstore went online for takeaway. Compared with tens of thousands of individual products in every store offline, the more than 400 kinds of online products can be described as carefully selected. Liu Min, deputy general manager of CITIC Bookstore, introduced that the selection starts with the best-selling new book, and focuses on classic categories such as attitude life, business wealth, humanities and social sciences, literature and art, and children's cognition. Each store will also focus on the population covered. For example, there are many children's books in the R & F City store; the Qihao store has an author's signature area, and baked breads such as milk toast and pumpkin soft European are among the top sales.

Liu Min said: "Half a month of going online, 68% are book sales, and the rest are cultural and catering. In the book order, literature and children's sales are better, such as the popular" You are like a bird flying to your mountain ". ", Dinosaur-themed science picture books, etc. In addition, tool dictionaries and English word books are also one of everyone's needs."

PageOne features art design and foreign book editions, which account for 40% of the in-store products. This time, all three bookstores in Beijing participated in takeout. Chen Peng, general manager of PageOne, said that the advantage of bookstores is that the price of external edition books is not far from that of e-commerce, and some are cheaper than e-commerce; and the take-out is online, and some e-commerce have to order from abroad, which takes a long time. .

But at present, PageOne sells the best is a "Daily Reading Poetry" calendar, because of the "spike" event, the original price of 99 yuan is only 9.9 yuan, more than 10 books a week. "We used to do micro-stores in the past, with sales of more than 10,000 yuan a week. At present, the effect of takeout is not as good as expected. Many customers only know that we have takeout after coming to the store. Takeout has more time-effective advantages, and other advantages To be discovered. "Chen Peng said.

Xinhua Bookstore is the largest participant in physical bookstore takeaways this time. Qin Hui, deputy general manager of Beijing Xinhua Bookstore Chain Co., Ltd., introduced that Beijing Book Building, Wangfujing Book Store, Zhongguancun Book Building, Asian Games Village Book Building and other four major bookstores and 28 small and medium-sized stores have settled on the takeaway platform. New books and best-selling books for home leisure reading, as well as supplementary books and reference books that meet the needs of student readers, are selected based on sales rankings.

The staff of Waiyan Bookstore is preparing to take out. Li Meiyun / Photo

Qin Hui said that 28 community bookstores have attracted more readers' attention, and some residents have placed orders. Since the trial operation on March 13, more than 100 orders have been sold. The best sales are cultural products such as student supplementary books, best-selling literature and art books and stationery.

Sometimes, the physical bookstore takeaway is just a need

The first order from the physical bookstore came from Zhongshuge. In just 30 minutes, Mr. Guo, who lives in Haidian District, received the new book he had just purchased. The person in charge of Zhongshuge Beijing Rongke Store recalled that at 10 a.m. on March 12, some users placed orders at Meituan and bought a best-selling book "Principles" by Rui Dalio. This is the first book sold since the offline store closed on February 1.

Ms. Huang, a company employee, occasionally went to the "Home Study Day" event when she ordered take-out on the weekend. When she saw the recommendation "You fly to your mountain like a bird", she made an impulsive order at the Jiantou Bookstore. After more than 30 minutes, Miss Huang received the book, which was faster than the lunch she placed at the same time. "There is no plan to buy a book, it mainly depends on the mood. I used to go to the physical bookstore when I was shopping. The takeaway channel will increase my chance of contact with the book. The takeaway will be more expensive than the e-commerce, but the book is not much expensive. The bookstore bought a good book and bought it at its original price, so it didn't make much difference to me. "Miss Huang said.

Sometimes, for some readers, physical bookstore takeout is a kind of "just need".

On March 9, the Xinhua Bookstore on Yongan Road in Xicheng District was reopened. Because of the epidemic, many readers in the surrounding area are still inconvenient to go out. Some people need to learn English books, and some need stationery such as handmade paper. As a result, the bookstore manager and employees "photographed and selected the book" for readers through WeChat and rode the books to the readers' homes. After the takeaway was opened on March 13, a reader called the store and said that he needed glue sticks. The bookstore put the goods online for the first time and met the demand.

Qin Hui believes that "click-to-click" is the biggest advantage of physical bookstore take-out, and there are always service staff in the bookstore, which is more advantageous in "instant" service guarantee and communication. "The new take-out model has helped bookstores further expand their business channels and maximize user promotion and resource docking. Excluding single store benefits, the collection of all bookstores will become a new key business growth point."

Among the readers' feedback currently received by Foreign Research Bookstore, the main praise is "fast". Fu Shuai remembered that there was a reader who was taking care of the two children at home and could not go out. He had to buy Tian Zige books for the children. He called the bookstore and learned that he could take out orders and deliver them in 30 minutes. Although the initial demand was stationery, this reader also bought books by the way. "This model can meet some of the reader's impulsive purchases and emergency needs. Readers are happy, we will naturally feel that this matter itself is meaningful, and it is worth our efforts to do better."

As can be seen from the orders of readers of CITIC Bookstore, the combination of "a cup of coffee + a dessert + a novel" constitutes a comfortable and peaceful afternoon tea time.

Liu Min admits that reading is not a "just need" compared to meals that are high-frequency, high-viscosity products; reading is a very personalized selection process, and the products on the take-out platform are limited; and readers visit the bookstore on the take-out platform. Consumer habits have not yet been formed. "How to grasp readers' needs in limited product selection and go online accurately will test the planning and product selection skills, and then the market and operation capabilities will be tested."

Can you continue after the outbreak?

Bo Shanshan, head of the flash sales of Meituan ’s book business, said that Meituan has been doing non-catering takeaways for many years, covering many categories such as stationery, flowers, and medicine. “This is related to user needs. In addition to ordering, users will Search for other things on the platform. So with the permission of the capacity, the book is just another category expansion. "

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the physical bookstore industry was hit hard, and most bookstores could not be opened. At the same time, Meituan's "2020 Spring Festival House Economic Big Data" showed that the average customer unit price of non-catering products increased within one month of the Spring Festival 80.7%. The physical bookstore takeout was born in an extraordinary period, will it continue after the epidemic is over?

It is undeniable that the physical bookstore delivery has encountered various difficulties.

For example, the most sensitive price for consumers. "Only from the discount itself, physical bookstores have no advantage in competing with large book e-commerce either offline or online. Online = low price, which has become a consumer's psychological habit." Fu Shuai said, "Before we Sales are not bad, but also depend on platform subsidies. Without platform support, physical bookstores actually have no strength to do long-term discount promotions. "

As another example, the density of bookstores is not high, and some readers cannot enjoy this service. The basic logic of Meituan's takeaway is to serve customers within a radius of 3-5 kilometers. If there are not enough bookstores in this area, the accuracy and richness of the goods are insufficient. Even if the platform focuses on traffic support, it is difficult for merchants to catch up. The current exposure of CITIC Bookstore mainly relies on the bookstore's original membership community and marketing channels.

Takeaways also require other changes in physical bookstores. For example, changing work habits, from slow to hustle and bustle; changing thinking habits, from waiting for visitors to take the initiative to attack.

Liu Min said: "This is a process of accumulation. This time on the delivery platform, we forced the physical stores to respond, adjust and make changes. We have 3 stores in the second batch-Huanyu Store and Changping Aeon Store. , Maple Blue Store goes online. Social consumption habits are changing. As a physical bookstore, we are willing to actively embrace and respond to changes and explore the path of online and offline integration development. "

Fu Shuai believes that the advantages of physical bookstore takeaways are the ability to select products, as well as the combination of product selection and offline activities, "planning some theme activities regularly to help readers find the books they need, so that readers can get more value-added services." At the beginning of April, the foreign research bookstore planned a promotional activity of the foreign research agency "Lisheng Graded Polaris Series". At the same time, discounts were invited to invite readers who bought books into the group, and invited experts to provide professional guidance on the children's graded reading.

Fu Shuai said: "One more platform to display and reveal, there is one more sales opportunity. Although it is difficult to expect sales to skyrocket, it is still possible to add icing on the reader service. The 10 km distribution range covers and to a certain extent. Expanded the reader's radiation range of the bookstore itself. How to make good use of this platform and serve readers within 10 kilometers of the surrounding area, the bookstore needs long-term exploration. "

China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Jiang Xiaobin Source: China Youth Daily