Self-employed organizations met this morning with Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor, to negotiate new help lines that will allow this group of more than three million people to get ahead in the coronavirus crisis.

As of today, of these three million workers, 800,000 maintain their activity and around one million have recognized access to the aid launched for those who have requested the cessation of activity. But the organizations that represent these workers indicate that there are 1.4 million who have no help of any kind, continue to pay dues and have very difficult access to credit. "They are having a very bad time," explains ATA president Lorenzo Amor.

The collective's petitions are halfway between the Ministries of Labor and the Social Security, organizations that until this legislature operated under the powers of a single interlocutor and have now been divided. Social Security is asked to suspend the payments to be paid for the month of April and that they are settled at the end of the month. Those of March were already suspended at the limit of the mandatory term, the same day that the collection was made.

In addition, the freelancers ask that a flat rate of 100 euros be raised for when the Government decides to lift the state of alarm. Like the small and large entrepreneurs, they foresee that the economic outlook after the passage of the coronavirus will be very different from that of just over a month ago, when the general confinement of the entire population was decreed. Entire sectors such as commerce are asking the government for help to meet their current payments, and others such as tourism have lost Easter and almost gave up on the summer season.

They also consider that the measures already implemented, such as the suspension of quotas for those who have seen 75% of their turnover fall, should be refined. "It does not make sense that a 40% drop is enough to access some aid and 75% for this expense," says Amor, who points out that Labor has committed to transfer proposals that are outside its powers to other ministries.

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