How to distribute eggs in full containment? While many parents are facing a puzzle, this weekend, the chocolate makers are betting on a party spread over time: if the measures were lifted in a few weeks, there would still be time to hide hens and rabbits in the garden.

The fourth weekend of containment to curb the epidemic of coronavirus is not a weekend like any other: it is Easter, and the time for the traditional egg hunt. How to distribute them to children under these conditions? While parents are struggling, the professionals in the sector adapt, and expect a party spread over time.

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13,000 tonnes of chocolate sold at Easter 2019

First reassuring element: there is no shortage of quantities in stores. Easter chocolates were made well before confinement, and were therefore able to be delivered. It is a relief for foodies, but also for manufacturers, since it is the biggest sales period after Christmas. Last year, more than 13,000 tonnes of chocolate were sold in supermarkets.

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The eggs, rabbits and other hens will be there, okay. But will there be people to buy them, when it is recommended to limit travel and all public places are closed? "I think that not everyone will necessarily respect the Easter date," says Jean-Baptiste Santoul, vice-president of the chocolate union.

"A slightly more offbeat calendar"

"Yes, the bells will pass, but will they pass on the right date? I'm not so sure," he continues. "This is why we agreed to make Easter last longer: we are convinced that people will make Easter in one way or another, but perhaps in a way with a slightly more offbeat calendar. . "


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An agreement has therefore been signed with the large distribution: the chocolates will stay on the shelves longer than usual, with the idea that consumers can organize real egg hunts if the containment is lifted or relaxed in weeks who come.