For chocolate makers, containment is a serious shortfall this Easter week, explains Frédéric Chambeau, president of the federation of chocolate makers and director of the house Fouquet at the microphone of Europe 1 who expects a figure of much lower business than in previous years.

It will be time, Sunday, to go in search of the chocolate eggs hidden in the garden. But if the traditional hunt for eggs is not prevented by confinement, chocolate makers still fear that their turnover will drop sharply. A concern shared by Frédéric Chambeau, president of the federation of chocolate makers and director of the house Fouquet, who confides on Friday at the microphone of Matthieu Belliard on Europe 1.

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"It will not save Easter week"

If the vast majority of chocolate makers have been able to reopen their shops to meet the demand of their most loyal customers, these openings have only been "very partial since the start of the week", he regrets. So to ensure maximum sales, everyone has gone digital. "These are tools that we weren't necessarily used to but that we now use intensively, like 'drive in' and 'click and collect'. Things that weren't inevitably common sales philosophies for artisans ", explains the chocolate maker who has little hope that these solutions will allow him to save his turnover for this special weekend.


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"In general, Easter week in stores, we see an average of 50 to 60 customers. There, we make deliveries, we place orders but from far away, and that will unfortunately not save Easter week", regrets he, specifying that within his house, the figure for the week will be of the order made in normal times for the single day of Saturday ...