“Let's Take Out Sake” Start accepting new license with time limit April 10 15:23

While the number of visitors to restaurants has dropped sharply due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the NTA has established a limited-time retailer license for liquor so that izakaya and other restaurants that have started take-out can also sell liquor. , Started accepting applications.

Some restaurants, such as izakaya, where the number of customers has dropped significantly due to the new coronavirus, have begun taking out services, but a liquor retail license is required to sell alcohol, and takeout is required. Many shops are limited to food and soft drinks.

For this reason, the NTA has set up a 6-month limited “liquor retail license” with a limited period of 6 months so that izakaya and others can sell liquor even at take-out, and started accepting applications from the 10th.

The target stores are restaurants that are affected by the new coronavirus and need to secure funds for the sale of liquor, subject to local government requests for business hours and other conditions.

You can apply for a license at the tax office that has jurisdiction over the location of the store, and the application deadline is June 30.

If you have a license, you can sell liquor in stock or liquor purchased from conventional suppliers by takeout or deliver it to the neighborhood, so the NTA is urgent and minimizes the documents required for examination. I want to work to issue a license as soon as possible.