China News Agency, Beijing, April 9 (Reporter Zhou Yin) The Civil Aviation Administration of China held a press conference on the 9th and disclosed that on April 8, Wuhan Tianhe Airport resumed its first day of operation and was in good order. A total of 221 flights were guaranteed and released The normal rate is 99.01%, which guarantees the safe travel of 11714 passengers.

The top three airlines are China Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines, accounting for 52.9%. The top three cities with flights from Wuhan Airport are Chengdu, Haikou and Shenzhen, accounting for 20.6%. The top three cities arriving at Wuhan Airport are Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Haikou, accounting for 22.8%. The first outbound flight is China Eastern Airlines MU2527 Wuhan to Sanya flight, and the first inbound flight is Xiamen Airlines MF8095 Hangzhou to Wuhan flight.

Sun Shaohua, deputy director of the Operation and Monitoring Center of the Civil Aviation Administration, introduced at the press conference that before resuming flight, Wuhan Airport followed the strategy of “sequential recovery and anti-radioprotection” to achieve the two key points of epidemic prevention and control and safe operation. The resumption of work plan has been targeted to optimize and perfect the epidemic prevention and control measures. It has organized multiple rounds of safety inspections, from personnel on duty, qualifications, facilities and equipment, site airworthiness, fire safety, epidemic prevention and control, etc. Standard inspection and rectification. The public areas of the airport were completely eliminated, and pre-plan drills were organized to prevent and control passengers' outbreaks and prevent the import of overseas outbreaks. Ensure personnel are in place, facilities and equipment are working properly, the site environment is seaworthy, and public security and epidemic prevention management measures are in place. (Finish)