Takeway, the parent company of meal delivery company Thuisbezorgd, does not suffer much from the corona crisis as a company. "We are one of the few and privileged companies hardly affected by the crisis," said CEO Jitse Groen in an update on the state of affairs in the first quarter of this year.

The meal deliverer saw a dip in the number of orders in March, but for the time being it is assumed that it was temporary. "Despite a huge shift in customer behavior and the composition of affiliated restaurants, our business remains very strong and resilient."

In mid-March, the company saw a drop in the number of deliveries that were partly caused by the corona crisis and the associated catering closings and far fewer orders from companies for lunch, for example. The company was also hit by a ddos ​​attack during the same period. "Which affected several hundred thousand orders," Takeway said.

According to the company, a strong recovery of the market already occurred at the end of March in the main markets, including the Netherlands. In the first three months of the year, the number of orders in the Netherlands increased by 11 percent to 10 million.