La Poste has bartered with the Intermarché group (illustration). - ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

La Poste has exchanged several hundred thousand masks for hydroalcoholic gel with Intermarché, its CEO Philippe Wahl said on Wednesday. As a vitally important company, the distribution group had a large stock of masks. "We have in an exchange of gel for masks sent more than 530,000 masks to Intermarché for ourselves to have gel because they had more gel," said Mr. Wahl during a hearing at the Senate.

It is a "loan"

These masks of La Poste's “strategic stock”, which dated from 2009-2010, were not out of date, according to the manager. The group distributed it to its own troops and gave one million to the AP-HP, 500,000 to the RATP and 300,000 to the National Police.

For its part, Intermarché said Wednesday evening to AFP that it was "a loan": "the two companies have lent themselves what they lacked, Intermarché will return the masks before the end of the week and La Poste will return gel, ”explains the group, which was unable to specify the amount of gel concerned.


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