A group of cooperatives and major sales outlets in the Emirate of Dubai, including: Union Coop, Emirates Cooperative Society, and “Carrefour Emirates Hypermarket” and “Lulu Hypermarket”, announced that granting suppliers free selling space to display various products from the basic commodities to the consumer for a period of time Two months, starting yesterday, which saves suppliers about 47 million dirhams, in addition to maintaining price stability, which benefits consumers.

Supporting various sectors

This initiative comes in support of the initiatives of the Dubai government and its continuous endeavors to support various economic sectors of all sizes, and to create an appropriate climate that allows the various components of the local economic structure to overcome the consequences of the current global crisis, coinciding with the work to meet all the basic needs of society at all times.

The Dubai government expressed its full appreciation for consumer cooperatives and major sales outlets, and for the essential role it plays towards society, contributing to the strengthening of the national economy and maintaining its sustainability, and keenness to uphold the interest of the country beyond financial benefits and profitability accounts, as this step falls within the framework of participation Positive societal broad, from private sector institutions and businessmen, whether citizens or investors residing in the state, within a model that exemplifies the synergy of efforts and concerted initiatives between the government and private sectors, and to vary the forms of these contributions within many sectors, in order To strengthen the national economy and maintain sustainability, and enable business continuity on the diversity of their specializations and the varying sizes.

Meet the requirements

This announcement also comes as confirmation of meeting the society’s requirements for food products for a long time, which is the goal that the Dubai government puts in the forefront of priorities, with its complete concern to ensure the availability of various basic needs naturally, despite the increased demand in this period for food products, as a result of trying some Families increase their inventory without real need for it.

All concerned parties stressed more than once the availability of all food products naturally, in addition to the decision of the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management to continue the work of basic services, the most important of which are food and drug sales outlets, in the forefront of which are associations and a “supermarket”, in addition to pharmacies throughout the day, While it stressed the importance of registering individuals from the general public on the website: (dxbpermit.gov.ae) as a condition for going out to meet basic needs such as food and medicine.

A pivotal role

The new positive step emerged by a number of cooperatives and major sales outlets in the Emirate of Dubai, by giving suppliers free selling space, the vital role of consumer cooperatives in the emirate in regulating and stabilizing the market and supporting food products, which makes it an essential pillar in the emirate's food security system, Especially it works according to mechanisms that contribute to pushing the economy forward.

Cooperatives and participating outlets

Cooperative of the Federation.

Emirates Cooperative Society.

- "Carrefour UAE Hypermarket".

Emirates Lulu Hypermarket

The new initiative contributes to maintaining price stability, which benefits consumers.