Air France-KLM, the parent company of KLM and Air France, will stop reporting the number of passengers transported by the airlines until further notice. The company announced this when the figures for March were published, which is the last one for the time being.

The number of passengers transported decreased in March by nearly 60 percent to 3.1 million for the group that includes Air France, KLM and Transavia.

KLM had flown about 15 percent of its capacity in the last days of March compared to a year earlier. That has led to 54 percent fewer passengers, a large halving.

"The global corona crisis is hitting the KLM group hard," said CEO Pieter Elbers when presenting the figures. "With 30,000 people, 700 flights a day, a beautifully oiled operation for our customers, we have now had to park virtually everything - literally - in a very short time."

At KLM, approximately 90 percent of the fleet has been grounded at Schiphol since the outbreak of the corona virus. Aviation as a sector has been severely affected by all travel restrictions associated with the virus.