China News Service, Wuhan, April 7 (Hu Chuanlin, Liu Yinan) Tencent announced its investment package for Hubei Province on the 7th. It will increase investment in digital government, smart education, smart mobility, artificial intelligence and security to help local digital Industrial construction and development.

According to reports, Tencent will continue to promote the construction of Tencent (Wuhan) Digital Industry Headquarters. Among them, in terms of digital government and smart city, it will continue to cooperate with Wuhan local central enterprise Fiberhome Communications to promote Wuhan ’s digital government and wisdom through Wuhan Smart City Construction and Development Co. Construction and operation of cities.

In terms of education, Tencent will establish a smart education base in Wuhan to further expand the scale of the online education platform Penguin Counseling in Han. It is expected to reach 4,000 employees in three years. At the same time, Tencent will use Wuhan as a starting point to set up an offline experience center for penguin coaching, which will then radiate the whole country.

In the field of smart mobility, Tencent will build the Tencent (Wuhan) Smart Mobility Base and establish Tencent Mobility Academy to jointly train digital talents in the automotive industry with Dongfeng Group, promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of automotive intelligent networking in Wuhan, and create a national automotive intelligent network Benchmark in the field.

In addition, Tencent will set up Tencent Cloud Micro-Micro Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to focus on research and development and application of artificial intelligence products. At the same time, Tencent Cyber ​​Security Academy will also land in Wuhan to provide impetus for the development of Wuhan's smart industry.

Prior to this, Tencent Cloud helped Hubei Province launch the "Ehui Office" epidemic service mini-program and the "Wuhan War Epidemic" mini-program to help promote the resumption of production and the safe and orderly flow of personnel. The relevant person in charge of Tencent said that in the future, Tencent will fully support the city construction after the Wuhan epidemic and continue to help the development of Wuhan's digital industry. (Finish)