Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmed the success of the remote work experience by 100%, noting that the daily work path between the various chambers and departments of the Chamber is running smoothly and easily, after its decision to smart transformation and work remotely, within the framework of precautionary measures and measures to confront the emerging corona virus.

The Chamber stated to «Emirates Today» that employees carry out their work from home with high efficiency, within the framework of the implementation of the “Stay at Home .. Work smartly… work remotely” initiative, which was recently launched by the Chamber, where daily actions are carried out naturally supported by techniques Modern and developed facilities that facilitate their tasks, enrich the experience of dealers, and accelerate the completion of their transactions, confirming its support for the efforts of the private sector to continue the business.

Greater responsibility

In a message to the employees, the Director General of the Dubai Chamber, Hamad Buamim, said that with the extension of the national sterilization program 24 hours, for a period of two weeks, the responsibility has become greater through the necessity to adhere to the instructions and procedures issued by the relevant government agencies, stressing the importance of following the instructions Preventive health, home commitment, and remote work. He added: “Our commitment to implement these measures is evidence of awareness of the importance of our role in overcoming this global epidemic. Let us continue to act responsibly and with commitment, and together we will pass these exceptional circumstances.”


Bouamim pointed out that the Chamber issued a short video entitled "Tips for remote work", which includes various instructions, directions and advice for the private sector, to adopt international best practices in the field of remote work.

He stated that the release of the video comes in compliance with the campaign launched by the "Dubai Chamber", last week, under the slogan "Stay at home .. work smartly ... work remotely", which aims to support the private sector in applying remote work plans, and help it to maintain The health of customers and employees, and ensuring business continuity.

Bouamim explained that the video includes instructions on the need to balance the professional and personal life at home, with care to exercise to stimulate the mind and body, and organize break times, as well as communicate with colleagues and take advantage of modern technologies, and eat healthy snacks and others, which helps to reach To the best results in remote work plans.

Temporary stage

The Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hamad Buamim, said: “Day after day, we are all becoming more proud of our country, the UAE, for the tremendous efforts it makes to preserve the security, safety and health of citizens and residents without exception, and we all trust our country, which will spare no effort to preserve them.”

He added that «the current period is a temporary phase, and we will return stronger after this experience revealed the validity of our vision in overcoming difficulties, investing in the future, supporting smart transformation, and developing and protecting our human cadres».