Multi-sectoral coordination to promote recruitment and recruitment

Let college graduates get employed early and get a good job (policy interpretation · orderly restore production and life order)

This year, 8.74 million graduates from regular colleges and universities nationwide, an increase of 400,000 year-on-year, reached a record high. March and April of the previous year were the key moments for finding a job. Affected by the epidemic this year, many on-site job fairs could not be held, and the labor market demand decreased, which caused difficulties for college graduates to apply for jobs. In this regard, various localities and departments have successively introduced measures to open up channels to create conditions for graduates to find good jobs early.

At the same time broaden employment and study channels

It is expected that the employment pressure of college graduates in the first half of the year will be greater, and the Ministry of Education is doing its utmost to help the fresh graduates to broaden their employment and further education channels.

On the one hand, in conjunction with relevant departments, the "Special Post Program" and other projects are organized to guide graduates to the grass-roots level, to modern agriculture, social public service and other fields for employment and entrepreneurship; recruit more people to teach in high schools and kindergartens that urgently need teachers.

On the other hand, expand the scale of enrollment of graduate students this year, tilt to the relevant disciplines and professional degree categories that are urgently needed in the field of national strategy and people's livelihood, and tilt to universities in the Midwest and Northeast region; expand the scale of this year's colleges and universities to upgrade to colleges, mainly by vocational education undergraduates and applications Type undergraduate colleges arrange professional enrollment for industrial upgrading and improvement of people's livelihood.

Spend great effort to send the job information to each student. The Ministry of Education, together with local, colleges and universities and well-known recruitment websites, jointly launched the "24365 Campus Recruitment Service" to provide college graduates with 24-hour online campus recruitment services 365 days a year. At present, the platform provides 8.33 million post information, accumulatively added 1.32 million people, and submitted more than 11 million resumes.

More than 450 online employment and entrepreneurship quality courses and employment website information were launched to encourage accurate push, online interview and online contract signing. On March 20, the College Student Employment Network (New Career Network) of the Ministry of Education officially launched an online contracting platform. In addition, all colleges and universities have recently held more than 2,000 online recruitment activities of all levels and various types. In March, a total of 70,000 different types of recruitment activities have been held.

At the same time, appropriately extend the time for graduates to choose a career. If you have successfully graduated but have not found a job, you can keep your hukou and files in the school for two years as required. The school will continue to provide employment services.

Relevant departments will also support the development of "double innovation" demonstration bases, incubators, etc., and increase the employment opportunities for college students. National scientific research projects are encouraged to employ university graduates as scientific research assistants or auxiliary personnel, and their labor costs and related social security subsidies shall be drawn from the project funds according to regulations. Remove obstacles and loosen up for various forms of entrepreneurship and flexible employment.

Guide grassroots employment and encourage enterprises to absorb

Proper job placement for college graduates this year and the expansion of employment channels are crucial.

The state will subsidize the recruitment of graduates from SMEs and micro-enterprises, and specifically requires state-owned enterprises to expand the scale of recruiting graduates for two consecutive years, and actively create various measures through the expansion of grass-roots employment scale, enrollment scale, employment training scale, and appropriate delay in acceptance of employment. employment position.

In this and next two years, vacant positions in public institutions will be mainly used for special recruitment of college graduates, including those who have not yet confirmed their work units during the career selection period.

Among them, institutions in Hubei Province can conduct special recruitment for college graduates from Hubei Province or college graduates from Hubei Province. In particular, township and township institutions in difficult and remote areas recruit college graduates and above, county colleges and universities recruit graduates above master's degree, as well as recruiting industries, positions, and poverty alleviation, and urgently need professional college graduates. The way of inspection is open recruitment; according to the applicant registration, professional distribution, etc., the proportion of opening examinations can be appropriately reduced, or the proportion of opening examinations can not be set, and the line of passing grades can be delineated.

Increase online recruitment efforts. On March 20, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, together with the relevant parties, launched a special campaign of “One-Year-Level Employment Comes with You”, which will set up a special course for college graduates. Launched online guidance, organized one hundred career instructors to set up cloud guidance for employment guidance, and provided graduates with a home-based, menu-based learning network platform. At the same time, plan early and wait for the epidemic to be lifted, and quickly organize and mobilize public employment service agencies and market service agencies at all levels to launch industry-specific on-site recruitment.

This year and next, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs will organize millions of graduates to take part in apprenticeships, enrich practical experience, and improve employability and market competitiveness. Those who are allowed to open internship positions to enterprises will be granted a policy subsidy of 3-12 months.

In addition, pay more attention to caring and helping key groups in employment. For example, the unemployed graduates who leave school will be connected to the education department as soon as possible to carry out real-name services; the "one-to-one" assistance will be provided to the graduates of poor families and zero-employment families who have established archives, and the policy services will be fully covered. .

The central enterprises comprehensively sorted out the employment needs

Since the outbreak, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has promoted the central enterprises to actively fulfill their job-holding responsibilities. They issued an emergency notice requesting the central enterprises to vigorously promote job stabilization and job expansion during the epidemic prevention and control period to ensure that the number of college graduates received in 2020 is not less than in 2019.

Comprehensively sort out the employment needs and strive to provide more jobs. China Electric Power, China Aviation Supplies, CRRC, etc. have recently held special campus recruitment events. Sinopec has added a special plan for the introduction of 3,500 college graduates, with an annual recruitment scale of more than 10,000, 2.3 times that of 2019. Zhongzhi Recruitment Network has driven 2,200 central corporate legal entities to provide more than 70,000 positions for campus recruitment. Harbin Electric Group and Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other well-known domestic universities have docked to start the spring campus recruitment work.

In addition, central enterprises also play an active role in promoting the employment of fresh graduates from colleges and universities in Hubei, and in supporting the employment of children of frontline personnel in the Hubei anti-epidemic field.

CIIC will organize special recruitment activities in the Hubei region, and the national recruitment recruitment platform is specifically designed to facilitate the search for work by relatives of children of medical, military, and anti-epidemic personnel who participate in front-line prevention and control. The Three Gorges Group recruited college graduates this spring, and dedicated 200 positions to recruit college graduates from Hubei area, and proposed to give priority to the children of anti-epidemic medical staff under the same conditions.

The relevant person in charge of the SASAC said that they will pay close attention to the recruitment of graduates from central enterprises, and work together with the competent business departments to work in accordance with the established recruitment arrangements.

Zhang Shuo Liu Zhiqiang Li Xinping