China News Service Haikou, April 7 (Reporter Hong Jianpeng) On the 7th, the Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Sports Department and the Hainan Provincial Information Office held a press conference to the Hainan National Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone recently released by the Hainan Provincial People ’s Government. Development Planning (2020-2025) "(hereinafter referred to as" Planning ") for policy interpretation. The relevant person in charge of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism said that in the next two years, 10 key and major tasks including construction of facilities, introduction of competitions and introduction of intelligence will be carried out to promote the creation of a national sports tourism demonstration zone.

Xu Xianghong, deputy director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, introduced at the press conference that the "Planning" focuses on three aspects of "spatial planning, product planning, and industrial planning". In terms of spatial planning and layout, the spatial layout mode of "one circle, five areas, five poles, and seven cores" is adopted. In terms of product planning, a sports tourism product system based on "four leading products and eight featured products" will be built. In the industrial planning, it is important to promote the deep integration of sports and tourism under the background of promoting the construction of global tourism, and strive to achieve leapfrog development of sports tourism.

According to reports, "one circle" refers to the construction of high-end round-the-island high-speed rail, round-the-island highway, round-the-island tourist highway, round-the-island yacht marina and other service facilities, and the construction of the "round-the-island sports tourism circle"; Development of five major sports tourism areas: the tourist area, the southern tropical coastal leisure sports tourism area, the eastern convention and health sports tourism area, the western mountain and sea leisure sports sports tourism area, and the central tropical rainforest ethnic sports sports tourism area; "five poles" are With five cities including "Haikou, Sanya, Danzhou, Wanning, Qiongzhong" as the core, build a sports tourism demonstration city with distinctive features and full functions; "Seven Cores" is to build "Haikou Guanlan Lake Sports and Healthy Township" , Danzhou Haihua Island Marine Sports and Leisure Resort, Qionghai Health Sports Tourism Resort, Wanning Surfing Town, Qiongzhong Mountain Folk Sports Tourism Experience Zone, Chengmai Intellectual Sports Industry Base, Baisha Sports Training Base, etc. Pioneering area for sports tourism.

The "Plan" puts forward the goal: from 2020 to 2022, the demonstration effect of sports tourism will begin to show, and the brand image will be basically formed; from 2023 to 2025, the creation of a national sports tourism demonstration zone will be completed. To build 2 to 3 sports tourism industry clusters, international sports tourism destinations are basically formed, sports tourism's position in international tourism consumption is prominent, and the demonstration experience is copied and promoted.

"Planning" makes specific plans for system construction, implementation guarantee, etc., clarifies the construction content, and lists 10 key and main tasks from 2020 to 2022: 1. Build facilities and lay the foundation; 2. Create models and optimize processes ; 3. Build bases and grasp pilots; 4. Introduce competitions and create "IPs"; 5. Set up funds and build groups; 6. Promote gathering and seek cooperation; 7. Introduce intelligence and gather talents; 8. Build sites and run training ; 9. Excellent network, strong intelligence; 10. Grasping brand and shaping culture.

Mai Youwang, Director of the Group Office of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, introduced that Hainan will promote the innovation of sports development models and system innovation under the guidance of the free trade port policy, and establish a system that is conducive to government leadership, business entities, market drive, social participation, and professionalism. Operating sports work system platform.

In addition, Hainan will also explore the establishment of the Hainan Sports Development Fund to promote the establishment of sports property rights trading and investment and financing platforms. Increase investment attraction, promote the establishment of Hainan Sports Industry Group, make Hainan Sports enterprises bigger and stronger, support the construction of sports clubs, shareholding and membership business models, and attract social capital in a market-oriented and industrialized manner to promote the development of Hainan Sports .

Mai Youwang said that in terms of attracting intelligence and gathering talents, Hainan will promote the establishment of a talent pool for the development of the Hainan sports industry, pooling intellectual resources such as professional sports institutions, experts, and entrepreneurs from home and abroad, using projects as carriers, and government procurement services Promote sports industry-university-research applications, attract experts and scholars and achievements to settle in Hainan. (Finish)