The Netherlands had 68,700 catering establishments on 1 January 2020, the highest number ever. This is reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Wednesday.

At the beginning of 2020, our country had 32,900 eateries, 15,100 caterers, 10,200 cafés and 10,500 accommodation providers such as hotels and campsites.

The province of Zeeland had the most catering establishments per thousand inhabitants, with 6.2. In terms of catering density, North Holland followed with 5.4, Limburg with 4.6 and Friesland with 4.2 branches per thousand inhabitants. The average in the Netherlands is 3.9 locations per thousand people.

In absolute terms, North Holland had the most catering establishments at the beginning of this year. This concerned no fewer than 15,400 places. South Holland had 12,700, followed by North Brabant (9,200) and Gelderland (7,300).

In terms of cities, Amsterdam was in first place in terms of number of occasions, with a total of 7,600. This is followed by Rotterdam with 3,000 branches, and in third place The Hague with 2,800.

Statistics Netherlands notes that municipalities where many tourists come logically also have more catering establishments. For example, on 1 January the four Frisian Wadden Islands of all municipalities in the Netherlands had the highest catering density.