In the future, if you buy a lifestyle TV from Samsung Electronics, you will be able to make a cat house out of the packaging box.

Samsung Electronics will introduce the concept of 'Up-cycling' into the cardboard packaging boxes of TVs such as 'The Frame', 'The Serif', and 'The Portrait', which will be shipped worldwide from April. Revealed. Upcycling refers to adding design or utilization to recycled products.

The production manual can be checked through the QR code on the top of the packaging material, and consumers can cut the cat into a desired shape according to the dot design on each side of the packaging box to create a cat house, remote control storage box, magazine rack, etc.
TV packaging box is a waste that is difficult to process because it is made of thick corrugated cardboard due to the nature of protecting the product. As of the 2017 announcement by the Ministry of Environment, domestic paper waste, including corrugated cardboard, is estimated at about 2 million tons per year.

Samsung Electronics said, "We expect to effectively reduce paper waste by applying eco-friendly packaging materials that can be upcycled to TVs, thereby contributing to environmental protection."
Samsung Electronics received the CES Innovation Award at the 'International Electronics Show (CES) 2020' held in Las Vegas, USA in January this year for this eco-friendly packaging material.

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(Photo = provided by Samsung Electronics / Yonhap News)