European stock market prices rise sharply in each country Expectations to spread infection converge 8:24 on April 7

On the 6th week of the European stock market, buy orders are dominant in Europe, with hopes that the spread of infection will subside in the future, with the few who died the previous day in Italy in the past two weeks Stock prices have risen significantly.

The closing prices of the main market stock indices were about 5.8% higher in Germany's Frankfurt market compared to last weekend,
お よ そ Approximately 4.6% in the Paris market,
お よ そ About 4% in Milan, Italy
で The prices rose about 3.1% in the London market.

In each market, buying orders for a wide range of stocks increased due to the hope that the spread of infection and the economic activity would resume.

Market officials said, "The expectation that oil-producing countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, will agree on large-scale cuts in production to raise declining crude oil prices is behind the decline in risk aversion."