Dubai Airports revealed today that work is in full swing to end the procedures of the rest of the 91 passengers and passengers who were forced to stay at Dubai International Airport, due to the suspension of most flights for passengers as of midnight on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, in the context of intensive preventive and precautionary measures that Adopted by the State to reduce the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

It was decided to host all the remaining 91 passengers at the airport from different nationalities in Dubai airport hotels, with the application of the necessary quarantine measures, to finish their procedures at the earliest opportunity, whether to enable them to return again to their home countries, or to complete the necessary medical examinations to enable them to Entry into the country, according to the criteria and requirements set by the competent authorities.

The total of those affected by the decision to suspend flights had about 600 passengers, either because of the reduction in their flights outside Dubai International Airport, or because they were seeking to enter the United Arab Emirates after placing restrictions on entry to the country, but the efforts did not stop, but were intensified to find alternatives The way to return the stranded passengers at the airport to their countries, while providing utmost care to all.

Dubai airports have made every possible effort during the past period and since the decision to suspend flights in order to provide all possible support to stranded travelers, as rooms have been provided for accommodation in Dubai airport hotels as well as providing meals, while meeting their various basic requirements for their assistance during this Period,

"The conditions we are going through and the world around us are exceptional and unprecedented, and our primary focus is to ensure that stranded passengers receive the necessary levels of care and attention," said Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports Corporation. He added: "We work closely with airlines and agencies to evacuate passengers through health checks and passport procedures to make arrangements for their introduction to quarantine or help them organize their trips to return passengers to their home country or future destinations."

Griffiths explained that there are daily flights departing from Dubai International Airport and from Dubai World Central to return passengers to their countries, and take them to the first stop of their flights or the destination they were heading to, while airport service staff worked around the clock to provide all forms of assistance to travelers.