Nine of the residents who returned from Italy on the 1st and 2nd of this month who did not show the symptoms of coronavirus infection-19 (corona19) were judged 'positive'.

To date, 11 out of 514 returnees have been confirmed.

According to the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters today (4th), as a result of the diagnostic test of asymptomatic corona19 among immigrants from Italy, 6 of the primary immigrants who entered Korea on the first day were positive, and 3 of the secondary immigrants who entered the country on the 2nd. It was positive.

Earlier, during the test of the box test, 1 out of 309 who entered the country on the 1st and 1 out of the 205 who entered the country on the 2nd were positive.

Four of the first asylum-free cases and one of the second asylum-free cases are scheduled to be retested as undecided, so the number of corona19 confirmed cases among Italian residents will likely increase in the future.

The first Gyomin is living in Pyeongchang The White Hotel, and the second Gyomin is living in Cheonan Postal Service Education Center.

Confirmed persons are assigned to medical institutions or life treatment centers.

(Photo = Yonhap News)