The majority of sports halls offer a postponement of subscriptions - Martin Meissner

  • With the confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic, almost all places of leisure and culture are closed.
  • These activities often require subscriptions that are unusable during the health crisis.
  • Many services offer a postponement of the validity of subscriptions. But others, because of their activity, await the end of confinement to advise.

Raise cast iron in the room, make a canvas, go see an exhibition ... All these little pleasures of everyday life are impossible since the entry into force of the confinement linked to the coronavirus. And for many of them, in normal times, it is possible - even necessary - to take out a subscription. However, many French people pay a subscription every month or pay for these services by the year. What facilities are offered to these customers? Some structures offer facilities, but others still respond to absent subscribers.

No cinema, no levy

Affected from the first restrictions on groupings, cinema owners were quick to communicate. Pathé-Gaumont (82 complexes in France) sent an email to all its Cinépass subscribers at the start of the confinement to inform them that the samples were stopped until the rooms reopened. The group also extended "systematically the period of validity of prepaid cards". The UGC group (49 cinemas in France), pioneer of the unlimited card, like its competitor, suspended direct debits for the duration of the health crisis with a postponement of the offer equal to the duration of the closure. Customers have nothing to do, since all the procedures are automatic.

For its part, the third major player in the sector, the CGR group (71 multiplexes), has not yet communicated about its cards, which offer discounts on seats over a certain period of time.

For theater and opera lovers, you will still need to be patient to know what will happen to the subscriptions. Most rooms have not yet communicated and are waiting to learn more about the duration of confinement to adapt their programming and announce postponements or cancellations. Spectators can always allay their frustration by taking advantage of the many online performances, such as those of the Paris Opera, which distributes them free of charge on its site.

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Sports halls carry over

Many rowers and fitness enthusiasts chew their brakes between four walls. They can be reassured, however, the vast majority of sports halls want to keep their customers. Thus, they often offer several solutions.

If Club Med Gym has suspended direct debits, the Fitness Park chain, which has nearly 200 rooms in France, offers to choose between a suspension of direct debits, a reduction of 5 euros monthly until the end of the subscription or a three-month subscription to offer to the person of their choice. Magic Form (90 rooms) offers its members the possibility of maintaining their subscription in support of the channel, of requesting one of its specific services in compensation, or of freezing direct debits. Basic Fit (114 rooms in France) also gives the choice of subscription gel, but also an evolution of the simple premium subscription, a bag with gifts or a refund in the form of a discount. Neoness (33 rooms), the low-cost chain of rooms, suspends direct debits for formulas and postpones the expiration of formulas for those who are engaged.

Swedish fit, the Swedish gym chain which offers courses in 83 rooms in France, has already informed its members that a process of postponing packages will be proposed as soon as activities resume. And to keep athletes in shape, the chain offers, like most of its competitors, free online courses.

Museums, zoos and amusement parks

Museums, zoos and amusement parks are also among the sectors that were affected very early on by the consolidation limitation measures. If most, like the Louvre, have already indicated that they reimburse the tickets purchased, few communicate about the different passes and subscriptions that allow you to get there at will. There is no doubt that this will be done very quickly upon leaving containment. In the meantime, it is possible to visit several virtually.

Same precaution on the side of zoos, even if it is always possible to admire the animals on the Internet, as for example via the YouTube channel of the zoo of Vincennes.

As for amusement parks, Disneyland has already assured the holders of the annual pass of its extension for a period equal to that of the closure. The same choice was made by Futuroscope for its members in the "Futuroscope Club". The other seasonal parks, such as Parc Astérix or Puy du Fou, offer their customers to contact them directly to study their situation.

Finally, for those who subscribe to monthly or quarterly "boxes" that allow them to receive clothes or food regularly, the vast majority continue their activities and ensure deliveries.


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