19:37 on April 2 to reduce rent at tenant stores where sales have fallen, such as Aeon

While many stores are severely affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, Aeon, a major distribution company, is targeting stores where sales have dropped significantly to support the management of specialty stores that enter shopping malls as tenants. Rents for last month and this month have been reduced.

Aeon operates more than 900 commercial facilities nationwide, including shopping malls and general supermarkets, but specializes in entering as a tenant by shortening business hours and taking temporary closures to prevent the spread of infection. The store is affected by falling sales.

For this reason, we have eliminated the minimum rent standard for last month and this month for specialty stores entering tenants in AEON Retail, AEON Mall, and AEON Town. Changed to a form to get paid.

The aim is to reduce the rents of stores where sales have fallen, and to support management.

In addition, at retail facilities operated by LUMINE affiliated with JR East, measures are being taken, such as lowering the minimum rent standard to be paid, to support the management of stores where sales are declining.