There is nothing difficult about Corona 19, but the situation is serious in the airline industry, where the sky is blocked. While domestic airlines are facing severe business difficulties, Eastar Airlines has decided to cut 45% of its total staff. Suppliers' jobs are also disappearing.

First, I am reporter Han Se-hyun.


Eastar Airlines has decided to apply for retirement twice.

We are also considering plans to lay off next month if we do not meet the manpower reduction target.

The policy is to reduce approximately 45% of all employees and 750 people.

Already last month, we couldn't give the salary of the employees.

[Ista Air Crew: Not paid, unpaid, I took a break in March, but I want to take another break in April. The secretary's class said, 'Are you thinking of a second job?' Is it ruined (I'm worried.)]

Airline partners have already started massive cuts.

In the case of Korean Air, where 90% of all routes were discontinued, in-flight meal production also plunged, with about half of the 1,300 employees working at in-flight factories losing jobs as advisors.

[Kim Se-yong, Senior / Korean Air Meal Manager: Last year, we averaged 72,000 meals per day (cooked), but today (order) is 3,000 meals. There are more than 2,000 partners, and now many of them come out and can't work.

Even large airlines that are holding back wages and taking unpaid leave will have to cut their workforce if the current situation is prolonged.

[Hui-Young Heo / Professor of Business Administration, Korea Aerospace University: I say that one aircraft is a factory. After all, it's running a factory, and there are 80 people working there, hiring yourself. Pilot, mechanic, cabin crew. If you send 80 people, you will lose 800 jobs.]

The aviation industry is appealing for funding, such as guarantees for corporate bond payments by government-owned banks, but the Financial Services Commission reaffirmed the principle that "in the case of large corporations, financing through the market is the priority and self-effort must be preceded."

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-cheol, Video editing: Kim Sun-tak)