[Explanation] On April 1, Nanchang City ’s rice mechanized planting site observation meeting and agricultural machinery spring ploughing activity were held at the Henghu Reclamation Farm in Nanchang, Jiangxi. In the afternoon of the day, the field demonstrated the paddy field conservation cultivation, rice plant-based seedling raising, rice mechanized rice transplanting, and low-altitude spraying of pesticides using remote-control drones.

In the "Internet + Agricultural Machinery Operation" demonstration area, a driverless rice transplanter is performing a demonstration of the operation. At the scene, after a worker set it up by remote control, the rice transplanter loaded with young green seedlings automatically traveled in the field according to the planned route and carried out the transplanting operation in an orderly manner.

According to reports, this rice transplanter uses Beidou navigation system and its own software path planning to realize the automation of the whole process, which not only improves work efficiency but also saves labor costs.

[Same period] Shang Xiaobing, a high-speed unmanned rice transplanter dealer of a certain brand

The high-speed unmanned rice transplanter can save personnel and save costs, and save about 10,000 yuan in labor costs in a quarter. In addition to the state subsidies, the price of products of the same grade is really close to the users.

[Explanation] On the day, more than a hundred people including agricultural machinery management and extension personnel, representatives of agricultural machinery cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households, large grain producers, and agricultural machinery enterprise representatives from the agricultural and rural sectors of Nanchang participated in the site observation. Agricultural machinery technical experts also explained in detail the supporting mechanized rice transplanting technology and the practice and application of intelligent agricultural machinery, in order to further improve the professional skills of grass-roots agricultural mechanization extension personnel, improve scientific and technological farming skills and socialized service levels.

[Same period] Geng Zhaokui, Deputy Director of Agricultural Machinery Station, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

In the later work, we will increase the promotion of agricultural machinery technology and machinery, then strengthen training, and then drive farmers' friends to use agro-technical technologies to produce, so that farmers ’friends can better understand these technologies, use these technologies, and finally Reaching agricultural output and farmers' income.

[Explanation] The reporter learned that at present, the comprehensive mechanization rate of rice in Nanchang has reached 80.41%, but the mechanized planting rate is only 40.47%. To this end, Nanchang City strengthened the project to drive demonstrations, break through the bottleneck of rice machine transplantation, specially arrange special funds for agricultural machinery to carry out the construction of rice seedling center projects, guide agricultural machinery cooperatives to carry out rice seedling operation services, encourage the development of commercial seedling supply, and solve the difficulties of retail seedling raising Problems, to further improve the level of rice planting.

Reporter Huashan Liu Zhan reports from Nanchang, Kunjiang

Editor-in-chief: [Luo Pan]