(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Hubei Wufeng Donates 60,000 "Love Spring Tea" to Wuhan Epidemic Prevention Staff

China News Network Yichang, April 1st (Yang Wei) 4 trucks loaded with "love spring tea" slowly drove out of the Hubei Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County Caihua Tea Science and Technology Park on the morning of 1st, heading for Wuhan. On the body, the words "Wufeng family in Wuhan, Wufeng spring tea to offer loved ones, salute the people of Jiangcheng" are eye-catching.

Wufeng is located in the Wuling Mountains concentrated and extremely difficult areas. Since its counterpart in Wuhan assisted Wufeng in August 2011, Wufeng has implemented a total of more than 300 million yuan in aid funds to assist in the construction of the county's infrastructure. It has sent 460 cadres and professionals to Wufeng. On-the-job training, counterpart assistance, and comprehensive support for Wufeng in terms of people, finances, things, and intelligence.

Huang Qiang of Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission is one of the sixth batch of Wufeng cadres who is on the job. He introduced that Wufeng has undergone great changes in economic and social development in the past 10 years. At present, the county has cumulatively eliminated 19,895 households with 59,077 people. The incidence of poverty has dropped from 35.1% at the beginning of the establishment of the file to 0.16%. achieve.

A truck loaded with "Love Spring Tea" headed for Wuhan

During the epidemic, Wufeng people donated 540 tons of vegetables to some hospitals in Wuhan and delivered 78,600 kilograms of ecological pork to 28 hospitals and some communities in Wuhan in order to allow the frontline "warriors" in Wuhan to eat fresh vegetables. "Family love" exchanges, Wufeng had nearly 50,000 peasants previously eaten Wuhan "love fish".

After the spring tea went on the market this year, seven loved tea companies, such as Caihua Tea, Jiming Tea, Chunguang Tea, Zhuqing Tea, Renyuan Tea, Qianzhubi Tea, and Chutian Black Tea, all belonged to Wuhan's “relatives”. Spontaneously refined 60,000 servings and 12,000 jins of spring tea to express the gratitude of the children of Tujia.

Organized the donation of the Secretary-General of Wufeng Tea Industry Association Chen Hua, the donated tea was produced according to the standard of first-class picks of picking flowers. After being reviewed by the experts of the tea industry association, the picking tea company uniformly refined the packaging and was responsible for the entire distribution.

"Now there are still many medical and community workers in Wuhan who are firmly on the front line of epidemic prevention. We hope to give them the best things from Wufeng." Said Ma Chi, general manager of Caihua Tea Industry. In the afternoon of the same day, the love spring tea has been successfully delivered and is being stepped up to be delivered to the recipients. (Finish)