, April 2. Affected by the epidemic, some agricultural products in Hubei Province suffered from slow sales, affecting the livelihood and economic development of Hubei merchants. A few days ago, CCTV News launched a "Thank you for Hubei for ordering" micro-initiation public welfare activities, calling on consumers to buy Hubei slow-selling agricultural products. Gome actively participates in public welfare activities. Currently, a "Thank you for Hubei for ordering" agricultural products special session has been set up. At the same time, Gome's national initiative to promote micro-initiative public welfare posters, calling on everyone to fight for a single order for Hubei, to help Hubei's economic recovery.

It is reported that Gome has launched the "Thank you for Hubei for ordering" event area, which is located on the homepage of Gome APP. Welcome Gome users to participate in the event to spell a order for Hubei. In the special zone, Gome recommends agricultural specialties including spicy crayfish, horseshoe fruit, alder mushrooms, houttuynia cordata, purple sand pot, etc., so that every support is united into a love.

The products selected for this event are all competing products, while ensuring hygiene and health. For example, the European fresh raw spicy crayfish, which is selected from the Hubei Natural Wetland Reserve Honghu, is of high quality and good shrimp. Through traditional breeding, it has a large fat body and full meat. The products are cleaned and cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning, high-temperature cooking, and standardized production in aseptic workshops. -45 ℃ deep-freezing and freezing to achieve water-locking and fresh-keeping. Vacuum packaging and -18 ℃ cold-chain transportation ensure delicious and fresh products.

In addition, Gome takes advantage of its own home appliance chain to promote micro-initiative public service posters in information display areas such as TV walls, computer desktops, and electronic screens in stores across the country, calling on users to purchase Hubei agricultural special products according to their own needs, which not only meets their own living needs, but also Helped the people of Hubei.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Gome has always been on the front line of fighting the "epidemic". Gome mobilized branches all over the country to donate masks, alcohol, disinfection cabinets, clothes dryers and other materials for the first time to Wuhan Fangcai Hospital and Beijing designated hospitals. The outbreak of the epidemic has come. The medical team's resident, designated hospital wards, Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain Hospital all have Gome people. They actively participated in the rescue of the epidemic and dedicated to the early victory of the "epidemic".

At present, most of Gome's stores across the country have resumed operations. They will continue to give play to their advantages and capabilities, contribute to the public welfare undertakings in the post-epidemic period, assume corporate social responsibility, help the people of Hubei to make a living, and help the economy recover.